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Take a Look at the Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago, IL!

Where Can I Get Mexican Food in the Chicago, IL, Area?  

It’s a Friday night, and you want to try something new and exciting! If you have not had Mexican food for a long time, or maybe never, you can check that off the list by going to a Mexican restaurant. The city of Chicago, IL, has many such restaurants, so figuring out the best of the lot can be arduous, but McLaren Chicago is here to help you. Take a look at our pick of the top three Mexican restaurants in the area!  

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List of the Top Three Vegan Restaurants in Chicago, IL!

Where Can I Find Vegan Food near the Chicago, IL, Area?  

When you are a vegan, finding a good restaurant with your choice of food can sometimes be difficult. With that said, if you are visiting our beautiful city of Chicago, IL, you have a different problem. There are so many great places that it can get confusing to choose the best from the lot, and this is where we come in. McLaren Chicago has this blog post where we tell you about our top three vegan restaurants in the area!  

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front quarter and side view of a McLaren

McLaren Automotive at the Walpole British Luxury Awards

Which award did McLaren win at the 2021 Walpole British Luxury Awards? 

For 2021, McLaren Automotive attended the Walpole British Luxury Awards held at The Dorchester Hotel in London. They won the Game Changer award due to their commitment to innovation in technology for delivering outstanding experiences. McLaren Automotive has already impressed the world with its first-ever hybrid hypercar, the McLaren P1™.

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Sportswear Collection by Castore and McLaren

Castore and McLaren Collaborate Again for 2022

Sportswear Collection for Spring by Castore and McLaren 

Castore, a premium sportswear company, launches its latest sportswear collection inspired by the colors, function, and form of ground-breaking supercars by McLaren Automotive. With the latest spring collection, Castore and McLaren have collaborated for the third time to create the ultimate line of every day and training wardrobe.

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McLaren's animated television show introductory screen

What was the McLaren cartoon called?

Who made McLaren Tooned?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, last year gave us a hard time. But it also gave us the advantage of being at home. There are many ways to spend time with your family at home, and one of them is binge-watching! We know a binge-watch-worthy cartoon that is loved by many people in Chicago, IL. We are talking about the McLaren cartoon which is aired before the start of every Formula One race. If you are wondering what the McLaren cartoon is called, then you are at the right place.

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McLaren's animated television show introductory screen

Where can I watch all of McLaren Tooned?

McLaren “Tooned” Animated Series Complete Compilation

Here at McLaren Chicago, we love all things McLaren. This is good, because we are, after all, a McLaren dealership.

Not only does McLaren boast an amazing racing legacy and continuously churn out incredible automotive works of art to take on both the road and track, but they also create other endearing content. This includes everything from LEGO® incarnations of some of their most famous models to a unique cartoon called “Tooned.” This latter product consists of a series of animated shorts that were originally aired before the start of Formula One races.

Curious about Tooned? Check out the entire first season below in this handy YouTube compilation! Thanks for reading; if you’d like to experience a new McLaren for yourself, hit us up at McLaren Chicago soon.

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Bruno Senna stares intensely

Is Bruno Senna good at Forza?

Watch Bruno Senna Put His Skills to the Test in Forza Horizon 4

A lot of us here at McLaren Chicago are big fans of Forza; the game is simply a great way to experience all the supercars you don’t get a chance to drive in real life. Sure, it’s nothing like the real thing, but it’s still a blast. The attention to detail is thoroughly impressive, and there are certainly worse ways to wile away the long Chicago winters.

Sometimes we wonder, though: how much do Forza skills correspond to real-life racing ability? Bruno Senna, as you probably know, is a pretty darn skilled racer in the real world. How does he fare at Forza?

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McLaren Artura light green exterior driving on a street

What warranty coverage comes with the McLaren Artura?

2022 McLaren Artura Warranty Coverage

The 2022 McLaren Artura was just revealed in February 2021, and we’ve already received a lot of inquiries about it here at McLaren Chicago. This vehicle is the first series-production High-Performance Hybrid from our favorite automaker; it’s the product of more than half a century of racing and road-car experience and expertise.

One important factor to consider when buying any new vehicle is warranty coverage. This holds as true when hopping behind the wheel of a supercar as would with any other type of ride. That’s why we’re here to take a look at the occasionally pondered query: what warranty coverage will McLaren provide on the 2022 Artura?

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McLaren Artura with white exterior driving on a street

How quickly does the McLaren Artura go from zero to 60?

2022 McLaren Artura 0 – 60 Acceleration Time

The all-new McLaren Artura is extremely exciting for many reasons. This high-performance hybrid supercar boasts an all-new, ultra-compact 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine paired to a lightweight, compact Axial Flux E-motor and compact hybrid battery. How fast does this whole setup get the Artura from zero to 60 miles-per-hour?

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Black McLaren Speedtail in a futuristic void

Which McLaren is the fastest?

Fastest McLaren Models by Top Speed

It goes without saying that McLaren makes some pretty fast vehicles. No matter which McLaren you’re driving, you’re going to be able to reach some shockingly lofty speeds. Customers often ask us here at McLaren Chicago which model occupies the absolute top of the range. Which McLaren reaches the highest speeds?

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