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2022 McLaren 720S

How does the 2022 McLaren 720S perform?

Performance features of the 2022 McLaren 720S

Whichever angle you look from, the 2022 McLaren 720S looks beautiful. McLaren’s design philosophy states’ everything for a reason’, which gave birth to this lovely supercar, and rightly so. This supercar is shaped like a teardrop which enhances its aerodynamic efficiency. The sleek lines, front fascia, rear end, everything screams class. The 2022 McLaren 720S is designed to offer maximum driver engagement and excellent performance. If you are looking forward to purchasing this supercar in Chicago, Illinois, you must contact the McLaren Chicago dealership.

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2021 McLaren GT side look

What are the performance features of the 2021 McLaren GT?

Performance features of the 2021 McLaren GT

The 2021 McLaren GT is a fine mix of a signature McLaren supercar and a very comfortable grand tourer. With carbon fiber chassis, this grand tourer is lightweight, strong, and fast. The 2021 McLaren GT offers a well-balanced power to weight ratio. The exterior silhouette exuberates class and elegance. If you love speed and comfort, the 2021 McLaren GT is for you.

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McLaren GT side look

Video: Defy the limits with McLaren GT

Watch how the McLaren GT defies the limits

With extraordinary engineering comes great car! And the all-new McLaren GT is one of those supercars. The carbon fiber chassis and its lightweight work in a way that make this supercar go faster on the track. The well-balanced aerodynamics of the McLaren GT helps it in defying the limits and making it a great vehicle.

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2021 McLaren 720S Spider on road

How is the 2021 McLaren 720S Spider in terms of performance and design?

Performance and design features of the 2021 McLaren 720S Spider

The 2021 McLaren 720S Spider is an extraordinary supercar that comes with a retractable roof. It is meant for those who are passionate about driving with their car roof down to feel the cool breeze gushing past them. The sheer excitement and rush you feel while driving a convertible supercar is beyond any explanation. The performance and design features of the 2021 McLaren 720S Spider are as impressive as they get. The retractable hard top is just the cherry on top of a cake.

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The 2021 McLaren Artura at the time of a sunset.

Take a Look at the Performance Specs of the 2022 Mclaren Artura

2022 McLaren Artura Performance Specs

The all-new 2022 McLaren Artura is a formidable blend of power and technology. With cutting-edge tech and a range of impressive features, the hybrid supercar offers a truly unique driving experience. The superfast hybrid model boasts a futuristic design and offers an opulent interior. But how powerful is the 2022 McLaren Artura? If you want to know about the power of this supercar, then we at McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, have got you covered. Continue reading to get to know about the 2022 McLaren Artura performance specs.

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McLaren Speedtail Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

How did McLaren achieve the massive speed of the Speedtail?

McLaren Speedtail Innovation, Testing and Design

The McLaren team consists of some pretty wild folks, and those folks come up with some pretty wild rides. The McLaren Speedtail is one of the wildest of those creations; in fact, it’s no less than the fastest McLaren currently in existence.

Chicago drivers who’ve heard about, and perhaps even witnessed, the mind-blowing performance of the McLaren Speedtail often come up to us in a state of awe here at McLaren Chicago and beg us to tell them: how does McLaren make the Speedtail so fast?

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2021 McLaren 720S cruising up a curved road

Why are speeds electronically limited?

Reasons for Electronic Speed Limiting in Vehicles

Here at McLaren Chicago, we deal in fast cars. Very fast. As speedy as they are, however, many of the vehicles on our lot could go faster than they do, if not for a little thing called electronic speed limiting.

It’s not just supercars, either. Lots of vehicles out there in the world have their speeds electronically limited by their makers, and have for some time. Why are the top speeds of vehicles electronically limited?

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McLaren Artura light green exterior driving on racetrack

What warranty coverage comes with the McLaren Artura?

2022 McLaren Artura Warranty Coverage

The 2022 McLaren Artura was just revealed in February 2021, and we’ve already received a lot of inquiries about it here at McLaren Chicago. This vehicle is the first series-production High-Performance Hybrid from our favorite automaker; it’s the product of more than half a century of racing and road-car experience and expertise.

One important factor to consider when buying any new vehicle is warranty coverage. This holds as true when hopping behind the wheel of a supercar as would with any other type of ride. That’s why we’re here to take a look at the occasionally pondered query: what warranty coverage will McLaren provide on the 2022 Artura?

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McLaren Artura light green exterior driving on racetrack

How quickly does the McLaren Artura go from zero to 60?

2022 McLaren Artura 0 – 60 Acceleration Time

The all-new McLaren Artura is extremely exciting for many reasons. This high-performance hybrid supercar boasts an all-new, ultra-compact 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 petrol engine paired to a lightweight, compact Axial Flux E-motor and compact hybrid battery. How fast does this whole setup get the Artura from zero to 60 miles-per-hour?

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Blue McLaren Speedtail in a futuristic void

Which McLaren is the fastest?

Fastest McLaren Models by Top Speed

It goes without saying that McLaren makes some pretty fast vehicles. No matter which McLaren you’re driving, you’re going to be able to reach some shockingly lofty speeds. Customers often ask us here at McLaren Chicago which model occupies the absolute top of the range. Which McLaren reaches the highest speeds?

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