McLaren Artura light green exterior driving on a street

See How the McLaren Artura Represents A New Era

McLaren Tech Club Explores Electrification of the McLaren Artura

The all-new McLaren Artura is said to be the representation of the new electrified supercar era. This hybrid supercar uses several components to deliver performance that is comparable to gasoline-powered supercars. Below, we have shared a McLaren Tech Club episode that explores the electrification of the McLaren Artura. Join Dr. Sunoj George, Head of Electric Drive Technology, as he explains how the Artura changes the game.

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McLaren Artura with white exterior driving on a street

Check Out the Global Reveal of the New McLaren Hybrid Supercar

All-New McLaren Artura Revealed in YouTube World Premiere

After much anticipation, the all-new McLaren Artura was revealed in a YouTube world premiere on February 17th. This world premiere showcased how this hybrid supercar handles the track, its innovative features, and what went into the design process. If you missed this world premiere, you’re in luck. We have included the global reveal in this blog for your viewing convenience. Check it out and get excited to get one for yourself soon!

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2021 McLaren 720S Spider

Where Can I Get My McLaren Tires Rotated and Balanced in Chicago?

We all know that our vehicles need regular maintenance to ensure that we get to enjoy the best experience. While we may not drive our exotic vehicles as often, they still need love and care. The most important services include oil changes, battery replacement, brake repair, tire rotation and tire balancing. Today, we will be focusing on the last two and the signs for when you need to get them done.

When you do need to get your McLaren tires rotated and balanced, come visit us at McLaren Chicago. Read on to learn more about these services.

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Technician pouring fresh oil

Where Can I Get My McLaren Model Serviced in Chicago?

Exotic Automotive Service at McLaren Chicago

If you own a McLaren vehicle, you know that you get a unique driving experience. However, you also probably know that you need unique maintenance that matches the unique experience of a McLaren. It’s also important to keep your model in top shape so you can continue to enjoy the sports car experience. Here at McLaren Chicago, we offer an exotic automotive service that will ensure your McLaren will receive intense care before going back on the road

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Three McLaren GT Models on Coast

Why Should I Buy A Pre-Owned McLaren Model?

Benefits of Buying a Pre-Owned McLaren Model

There’s nothing than being able to go home in a brand new McLaren model. However, your budget might not always be enough for a brand new model. If you’re interested in getting a McLaren model but can’t get a new model just yet, we highly recommend you choose a pre-owned. There are many benefits of buying a pre-owned McLaren model including a lower price tag. Keep reading to learn why you should buy a pre-owned McLaren model!

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2015 BMW black exterior driving

Where Can I Find Pre-Owned BMW Models in Chicago, IL?

Pre-Owned BMW X6 xDrive35i Available at McLaren Chicago

When shopping for a luxury vehicle, you have a wide variety of vehicles to choose from in the market. However, your budget might not always match the price of a brand-new luxury vehicle. This is where buying a pre-owned vehicle is the best route to take. While there are many pre-owned options, we recommend getting a BMW, specifically a BMW X6 xDrive35i from McLaren Chicago. Keep reading to learn more about this model!

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