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McLaren Speedtail Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

How did McLaren achieve the massive speed of the Speedtail?

McLaren Speedtail Innovation, Testing and Design

The McLaren team consists of some pretty wild folks, and those folks come up with some pretty wild rides. The McLaren Speedtail is one of the wildest of those creations; in fact, it’s no less than the fastest McLaren currently in existence.

Chicago drivers who’ve heard about, and perhaps even witnessed, the mind-blowing performance of the McLaren Speedtail often come up to us in a state of awe here at McLaren Chicago and beg us to tell them: how does McLaren make the Speedtail so fast?

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McLaren Speedtail driver side facing driving on track at sunset

McLaren Tech Club: Designing A Three Seat Interior for the McLaren Speedtail

How Was the McLaren Three-Seat Interior Created for the McLaren Speedtail?

In the world of super sports cars, you don’t often see models deviating from the two-seater interior style. However, McLaren wanted to step away from the normal interior and create a three-seat interior for the McLaren Speedtail. In this super sports car model, the driver sits in the center of the three seats with the two passengers sitting slightly behind in the rear. Since this is an uncommon feature to see, you might be wondering how this was done. Join us as we explore how the McLaren three-seat interior was created for the McLaren Speedtail in this video from McLaren Automotive.

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2020 McLaren Speedtail Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

How many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the United States?

McLaren North America recently hit a very important and exciting milestone here in the United States, and we’re pretty stoked about it so we thought we’d share with you. Have you ever wondered how many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the U.S.? The company just recently sold its 7,500th model here in the States, a big achievement considering the brand has been importing vehicles to the country for less than a decade.

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McLaren Headquarters

McLaren Lineup Performance Times & Power Ratings

For those of you enthusiasts who are crazy about speed and power – which, let’s be honest, is all of us – we thought we’d put the entire McLaren lineup on display in one place as far as performance times and power ratings are concerned. If you’re looking for a certain amount of power or speed, this should help you figure out which McLaren vehicle is right for you.

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McLaren Speedtail Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

What does it feel like to drive the McLaren Speedtail?

It’s time to share another episode of the McLaren Tech Club. The last episode dove into the design of the newest McLaren Longtail, the 765LT, but this episode looks into the McLaren Speedtail to give everyone an idea of what it feels like to drive the incredible machine for the very first time. The video not only features the incredible Speedtail but the McLaren Ultimate Series Vehicle Line Manager, Jonathan Beaumont, talking about the vehicle. To give you an idea of the Speedtail’s speed, it can go from a complete stop up to approximately 187 miles per hour in just 13 seconds. To get the full idea of how it feels, be sure to watch the episode below.

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2020 McLaren GT Interior Cabin Seat Bottoms

What audio systems are in the McLaren Speedtail and GT?

The McLaren brand and its vehicles have earned numerous awards and titles throughout the years, but the pair of honors we’re covering today is especially exciting. You know that you’re going to be getting a stylish and high-performing vehicle any time you purchase a McLaren, but did you know you’re going to be getting an award-winning audio system if you buy a McLaren Speedtail or GT of your own?

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