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How many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the United States?

McLaren North America recently hit a very important and exciting milestone here in the United States, and we’re pretty stoked about it so we thought we’d share with you. Have you ever wondered how many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the U.S.? The company just recently sold its 7,500th model here in the States, a big achievement considering the brand has been importing vehicles to the country for less than a decade.

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Which was the 7,500th model?

Earlier this month, McLaren officially sold its 7,500th model since importing its first car back in December of 2011. What kind of vehicle was it? A McLaren Speedtail. That makes the milestone even more exciting, because the McLaren Speedtaill will only be built 106 times. The hybrid Hyper-GT is capable of generating 1,055 bhp alongside 848 pound-feet of torque and can accelerate from 0 to 186 miles per hour in less than 13 seconds. All of those numbers are astounding, but we’re the most exciting about 7,500!

“We are proud of what the brand has become in a relatively short period of time. When you consider the acclaimed performance cars we have brought to market in less than ten years, we have established McLaren as one of the most exciting brands and a formidable competitor in the supercar segment.”

– Tony Joseph, President, McLaren North America

We imagine sales will only continue to skyrocket from here, especially with our help here at McLaren Chicago. If you’re interested in joining the McLaren family yourself, be sure to check out our inventory. The newest member of the McLaren lineup of supercars is the McLaren GT, we’re sure you’ll like it. Give us a call with any questions or to schedule a test drive!

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