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Where Can I Shop for McLaren Accessories in Chicago, IL?

Buy McLaren Accessories in Chicago, Illinois  

McLaren vehicles have been ruling the hearts of automotive enthusiasts for as long as one can remember. Along with dramatic looks and breathtaking performance, these models deliver an experience that you’ve never seen before. If you’re a proud McLaren owner looking to personalize your experience or showcase your passion for the brand, investing in McLaren accessories is the perfect way to do so. Interested individuals can check out our collection at McLaren Chicago Shop in Chicago, Illinois. Please read below to learn more about it.  

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Is there an electric McLaren?

Electric McLaren Models and Future Plans

It seems like every automaker is going electric these days. It makes sense- not only is switching to electric vehicles an important step in creating a climate-friendly human civilization, many countries will make new gas-fueled vehicles illegal by 2030.

McLaren is typically at the cutting edge of automotive innovation. Drivers from the Chicago area occasionally ask our team here at McLaren Chicago: does McLaren produce an electric model?

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2021 McLaren 720S cruising down a curved pavement

Can you drive a McLaren on the street?

McLaren has long been known for its prestigious racing pedigree. However, since the 1990s, the venerable automaker has also sold vehicles to the general public, through outlets such as ours here at McLaren Chicago.

McLaren vehicles provide an incredible experience on the track. However, drivers from the Chicago area sometimes inquire of our team: is it legal to drive a McLaren on public roads?

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McLaren Artura red exterior driving on racetrack

How much does the 2022 McLaren Artura cost?

2022 McLaren Artura Starting Price

McLaren has just debuted another incredibly exciting all-new machine. It’s a hybrid, and it goes by the name “Artura.” The McLaren Artura allows more Chicago residents to realize their McLaren-driving dream by slotting into the McLaren lineup as an entry-level model. However, entry-level has quite a different meaning when it refers to entering a realm of top-tier supercars rather than a typical automotive market segment. How much does the 2022 McLaren Artura cost?

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Air flowing over an orange 2020 McLaren Elva on road

Which current McLaren model has the lightest weight?

A Look into the Weight of McLaren Machines

A whole lot of factors go into engineering a top-of-the-line supercar. One notable element is weight. When drivers zip through the Chicago streets or local tracks in their McLaren, they often contemplate how the weight of their vehicle is playing into the driving experience they’re having. As a result, our experts here at McLaren Chicago tend to field the question: Which McLaren is the lightest?

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McLaren Artura driver side fascia parked in front of a house

How many 2022 McLaren Artura models will be built?

2022 McLaren Artura Production Quantity

McLaren vehicles tend to hold a well-earned reputation of exclusivity. It’s always an exciting event when you see one cruising the streets of Chicago; they’re simply not a common machine.

One reason for this is that many McLaren models are only produced in limited quantities. Here at McLaren Chicago, we’ve recently been lucky enough to receive the all-new 2022 McLaren Artura in our inventory. Interested customers have been asking: how many Artura models will be produced?

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Black McLaren Speedtail in a futuristic void

Which McLaren is the fastest?

Fastest McLaren Models by Top Speed

It goes without saying that McLaren makes some pretty fast vehicles. No matter which McLaren you’re driving, you’re going to be able to reach some shockingly lofty speeds. Customers often ask us here at McLaren Chicago which model occupies the absolute top of the range. Which McLaren reaches the highest speeds?

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McLaren 765LT Strata on the racetrack

How much is a McLaren?

McLaren Model Price Range

Years of F1 racing have gifted the McLaren brand with a hefty load of vehicular knowledge, and nowadays, the automaker puts that knowledge to use for the non-racer by building high-performance road cars. The brand produces purely exotic sports cars and hypercars; an SUV will not be found in the lineup.

With the incredible performance these models provide, many out there find themselves dreaming of owning one. How much does it cost to get a McLaren?

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McLaren Senna GTR LEGO Technic model on ground in front of real McLaren Senna GTR

McLaren Tech Club Discusses the LEGO Technic™ McLaren Senna GTR Design Process

How Was the LEGO Technic™ McLaren Senna GTR Designed?

Back in November, we talked about the new LEGO Technic™ McLaren Senna GTR set that would be released at the beginning of the new year. Now that we’ve finally gotten to the new year, we can explore this set even more! The main focus of this LEGO set is that it accurately took the best parts of the McLaren Senna GTR and put it into the LEGO Technic™ model set. So, how was the LEGO Technic™ McLaren Senna GTR designed? Check out the McLaren Tech Club episode that we included below to find out!

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Three McLaren GT Models on Coast

Chief Engineer of McLaren GT Explains Tech Behind Active Dynamics Panel

How Does the McLaren Active Dynamics Panel Work?

We all know that there are many pieces that go into delivering the iconic McLaren driving experience. From the powertrains to the body compositions, every model has the proper components needed to be excellent exotic supercar models. One of the biggest contributors to the McLaren experience is the Active Dynamic Panel. This feature improves both the handling and powertrain of a model. How does the McLaren Active Dynamics Panel work? Check out the video below with Chief Engineer of McLaren GT, Adam Thomson, as he looks at the tech behind this feature.

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