Air flowing over an orange 2020 McLaren Elva on road

Which current McLaren model has the lightest weight?

A Look into the Weight of McLaren Machines

A whole lot of factors go into engineering a top-of-the-line supercar. One notable element is weight. When drivers zip through the Chicago streets or local tracks in their McLaren, they often contemplate how the weight of their vehicle is playing into the driving experience they’re having. As a result, our experts here at McLaren Chicago tend to field the question: Which McLaren is the lightest?

Front view of dark grey 2020 McLaren Elva

Weighing in at an estimated 2,900 pounds, the McLaren Elva is the lightest model currently produced by McLaren. The remarkably low weight of the Elva is helped along by the fact that it has no roof, windshield, or windows; instead, it uses an innovative “Active Air Management System (AAMS)” to protect drivers from the oncoming wind using aerodynamics.

Described as an eccentric, whimsical, and wonderful machine, the McLaren Elva continues our favorite automaker’s mission of delivering the ultimate experience in driver engagement and enjoyment.  The powerplant churns out a full 804 horsepower, which, in combination with the very low weight of the Elva, delivers a fabulous drive. The machine is outfitted with a wide chassis and a two-seat open cockpit. Of course, because of the model’s lack of a roof, it’s probably best suited to drivers in sunny climes.

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How much does the McLaren Elva cost?

If you want to get the lightest McLaren model into your personal possession, you’ll have to shell out 1.7 million bucks (before options). For those who are more budget-minded, however, McLaren does produce a LEGO® version of the Elva in the form of a 263-piece playset with an included minifigure.

How many McLaren Elva models are there?

McLaren has stated that only 149 models of the McLaren Elva will be built.

What’s the lightest McLaren ever?

While the McLaren Elva is the lightest McLaren currently on the market, the McLaren F1 is actually a lighter vehicle. The F1, however, has not been built since 1998.

Does any McLaren Elva variation include a windshield?

For those who prefer the traditional method of blocking the wind from hitting one’s face while driving, McLaren has just announced a version of the Elva that includes a windshield.