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A couple wearing seatbelts and smiling

Why Should I Wear a Seatbelt While Driving My Car?  

Benefits of Wearing Seatbelts While Driving in Chicago, IL  

Regarding safe driving practices, one of the most crucial habits you can adopt is wearing your seatbelt. Seatbelts save lives and prevent injuries in the event of a collision. In this blog post, McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, will highlight the importance of wearing a seatbelt and its undeniable benefits to drivers and passengers.  

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Close-up image of the 2023 McLaren GT on road

Do You Know That These Methods Can Protect Your Luxury Vehicle?

How Can I Protect My Luxury Vehicle? 

Owning a luxury vehicle takes a lot of money and effort. But it is indeed one of the best feelings in the world! Do you know what helps them maintain their brand-new look throughout? Check out some of the tips from McLaren Chicago in IL to practice protecting your luxury vehicle. Read on to learn more.  

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Mechanic posing with tools

How To Replace the Headlights in 8 Steps

8 Easy Steps to Follow to Replace the Headlights

Hey, imagine you are driving for a long trip midway or some emergency work. Suddenly your headlights stop working? Complete horror story, right? So, it is essential to know how to replace your headlights in an emergency. Do not worry; now you are at the right place where you will get some expert opinions. Keep reading the blog post by McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, to learn how to replace the headlights of your vehicle in case of an emergency.

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McLaren Artura driving on racetrack

What’s the best seating position for driving at high speeds?

Sitting Safely When Driving on the Track

Here at McLaren Chicago, our models tend to be made for fast driving around the track. It’s not enough, however, to simply take a powerful vehicle out to a track and let ‘er rip. There are a lot of pointers to follow to ensure your high-speed fun is done in a safe and optimized manner.

One of the biggest mistakes that new drivers make at the racetrack is sitting incorrectly. How should one position the driver’s seat for the optimal and safest high-speed driving experience?

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2021 McLaren 720S cruising down a curved pavement

Why are speeds electronically limited?

Reasons for Electronic Speed Limiting in Vehicles

Here at McLaren Chicago, we deal in fast cars. Very fast. As speedy as they are, however, many of the vehicles on our lot could go faster than they do if not for a little thing called electronic speed limiting.

It’s not just supercars, either. Lots of vehicles out there in the world have their speeds electronically limited by their makers and have for some time. Why are the top speeds of vehicles electronically limited?

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McLaren 765LT Spider being driven on a curved road

What is understeer?

Understeer Definition, Causes and How to Deal with It  

Most drivers, at some time or another, have experienced a phenomenon called understeer. It happens a lot in the racing world, which is why customers come in to visit us here at McLaren Chicago and smack us with questions like the following: what exactly is understeer? How and why does it occur? How should one deal with it when it does?

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