McLaren 765LT Visual Carbon Fibre Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

McLaren 765LT Official Technical Specifications & Performance Times

We’ve talked quite a bit about the limited-edition McLaren 765LT through the last several months. Now, McLaren Automotive has released its official technical specifications & performance times, confirming numbers that up until this point were speculation at best. We wanted to give you the rundown on this information, in addition to highlighting a couple of early McLaren Special Operations versions of the vehicle.

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Three McLaren GT Models on Coast

How does the McLaren GT use Aerothermal Engineering to improve comfort?

We’ve got the next episode of McLaren Tech Club queued up for you down below, this time focusing on aerothermal engineering and how the automaker utilized this concept to improve comfort for consumers in the McLaren GT. This video features the Senior Aerothermal Engineer at McLaren Automotive, Vasileios Panagakos, answering this question. Give it a watch and be sure to check back next month for a couple more episodes of this fantastic video series from the McLaren Automotive YouTube channel.

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2021 McLaren 620R with R Pack Exterior Driver Side Front Profile

What is the McLaren 620R MSO R Pack?

Earlier this month, McLaren unveiled that McLaren Special Operations has created an enhancement package for the 620R. Called the R Pack, the package enhances the driving experience and adds unique design cues to the interior and exterior. While the R Pack is unfortunately only available in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, we thought we’d go through what the package entails anyways to show you just what the McLaren 620R is capable of with upgrades.

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2021 McLaren 620R Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

2021 McLaren 620R Technical Specs & Features

We talked a bit about the upcoming 2021 McLaren 620R back in December. It’s a completely road-legal version of the 570S GT4, enhanced and tuned to offer drivers a race-worthy experience whether they take it on the track or the highway. A very exclusive vehicle, only 350 of the special edition model will be built. We wanted to highlight some of the technical specs & features that make this supercar so special.

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McLaren Senna Exterior Driver Side Profile

What goes into designing a supercar for McLaren?

It’s time to check out Episode 12 of the McLaren Tech Club, which focuses on what goes into designing a supercar. The video is narrated by McLaren Automotive Design Director Rob Melville, as he dives into the whole design process, from the inception of future ideas to the more practical, hands-on elements of designing a supercar. He even compares some of the things that went into designing the different vehicles on the lineup, such as the McLaren Senna or the McLaren Speedtail. Check out the video to hear all about it!

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New McLaren Automotive Architecture

Will McLaren be using a new lightweight vehicle architecture?

Last month, McLaren Automotive – via the company’s CEO, Mike Flewitt – announced that the company’s next generation of electrified supercars would be underpinned by a brand-new vehicle architecture that is both flexible and lightweight. The new architecture has been designed with the specific purpose of housing hybrid powertrains in mind. It was completely built in-house at McLaren Composites Technology Centre located in the Sheffield region of the UK. McLaren engineers have utilized several new processes and techniques that are not only innovative but firsts across the world. These new processes helped the automaker build a safer chassis that is also more lightweight.

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