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Where are McLaren Models Built?

Where are McLaren Models Manufactured?

Experiencing years of success in many championships McLaren has gathered vast knowledge and has marked its footprint in the business of building high-performance road cars which are even equipped to beat its contemporaries to shame. McLaren has been producing exotic sports cars and hypercars that deliver the most thrilling driving experiences and are also available here at McLaren Chicago. But have you wondered where are the McLaren Models built? Well, we are here to answer the question.

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McLaren's animated television show introductory screen

What was the McLaren cartoon called?

Who made McLaren Tooned?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, last year gave us a hard time. But it also gave us the advantage of being at home. There are many ways to spend time with your family at home, and one of them is binge-watching! We know a binge-watch-worthy cartoon that is loved by many people in Chicago, IL. We are talking about the McLaren cartoon which is aired before the start of every Formula One race. If you are wondering what the McLaren cartoon is called, then you are at the right place.

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McLaren Artura red exterior driving on racetrack

How much does the 2022 McLaren Artura cost?

2022 McLaren Artura Starting Price

McLaren has just debuted another incredibly exciting all-new machine. It’s a hybrid, and it goes by the name “Artura.” The McLaren Artura allows more Chicago residents to realize their McLaren-driving dream by slotting into the McLaren lineup as an entry-level model. However, entry-level has quite a different meaning when it refers to entering a realm of top-tier supercars rather than a typical automotive market segment. How much does the 2022 McLaren Artura cost?

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McLaren's animated television show introductory screen

Where can I watch all of McLaren Tooned?

McLaren “Tooned” Animated Series Complete Compilation

Here at McLaren Chicago, we love all things McLaren. This is good, because we are, after all, a McLaren dealership.

Not only does McLaren boast an amazing racing legacy and continuously churn out incredible automotive works of art to take on both the road and track, but they also create other endearing content. This includes everything from LEGO® incarnations of some of their most famous models to a unique cartoon called “Tooned.” This latter product consists of a series of animated shorts that were originally aired before the start of Formula One races.

Curious about Tooned? Check out the entire first season below in this handy YouTube compilation! Thanks for reading; if you’d like to experience a new McLaren for yourself, hit us up at McLaren Chicago soon.

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Air flowing over an orange 2020 McLaren Elva on road

Which current McLaren model has the lightest weight?

A Look into the Weight of McLaren Machines

A whole lot of factors go into engineering a top-of-the-line supercar. One notable element is weight. When drivers zip through the Chicago streets or local tracks in their McLaren, they often contemplate how the weight of their vehicle is playing into the driving experience they’re having. As a result, our experts here at McLaren Chicago tend to field the question: Which McLaren is the lightest?

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McLaren Artura driver side fascia parked in front of a house

How many 2022 McLaren Artura models will be built?

2022 McLaren Artura Production Quantity

McLaren vehicles tend to hold a well-earned reputation of exclusivity. It’s always an exciting event when you see one cruising the streets of Chicago; they’re simply not a common machine.

One reason for this is that many McLaren models are only produced in limited quantities. Here at McLaren Chicago, we’ve recently been lucky enough to receive the all-new 2022 McLaren Artura in our inventory. Interested customers have been asking: how many Artura models will be produced?

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