The McLaren Technology Center

Where are McLaren Models Built?

Where are McLaren Models Manufactured?

Experiencing years of success in many championships McLaren has gathered vast knowledge and has marked its footprint in the business of building high-performance road cars which are even equipped to beat its contemporaries to shame. McLaren has been producing exotic sports cars and hypercars that deliver the most thrilling driving experiences and are also available here at McLaren Chicago. But have you wondered where are the McLaren Models built? Well, we are here to answer the question.

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McLaren Models are Built at McLaren Production Center

The McLaren Technology Center is the headquarters of the McLaren Group and its subsidiaries. The complex is designed by the world-renowned British architect Lord Norman Foster and is in Surrey. The complex has two buildings, the first one is the main headquarters of the original McLaren Technology Center, and the second building the McLaren Production Center, primarily used for manufacturing McLaren Automotive cars.

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McLaren Production Center Where McLaren Models are Built

McLaren: Committed to Innovation

Design and innovation are the two most important aspects of McLaren. For decades McLaren has been the torchbearer of digital transformation of motorsport via electronics and data systems and is even developing innovative technologies that are bringing positive and sustainable changes in the world of automotive, transport, and beyond. Harnessing the innovative techniques developed through years of elite competition in Formula 1, McLaren applies them in automotive and motorsport. The company uses its proven capabilities in aerodynamics and lightweight carbon fiber to provide excellent levels of performance coupled with high levels of efficiency. 

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