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What was the McLaren cartoon called?

Who made McLaren Tooned?

Due to the ongoing pandemic, last year gave us a hard time. But it also gave us the advantage of being at home. There are many ways to spend time with your family at home, and one of them is binge-watching! We know a binge-watch-worthy cartoon that is loved by many people in Chicago, IL. We are talking about the McLaren cartoon which is aired before the start of every Formula One race. If you are wondering what the McLaren cartoon is called, then you are at the right place.

We enjoy everything McLaren at our McLaren Chicago dealership. So, our team thought it would be fun to talk about things like who made the McLaren cartoon and how it started! Here is an important piece of information for you before we dig into the past of the McLaren cartoon. The McLaren cartoon goes by the name Tooned, starring comedian Alexander Armstrong along with Jenson Button and Fernando Alonso.

Where can I watch all of McLaren Tooned?

History of Tooned

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Framestore created an animated series in partnership with McLaren and named it Tooned. The focus of this joint venture was to create high-end content for the new content-driven marketing strategy of McLaren. The characters in Tooned were simple. There were two British F1 drivers themselves, and the comedian, Alexander Armstrong, was Professor M in the cartoon.

The two British Formula One drivers are Jenson Button and Lewis Hamilton. Tooned’s success is the product of its team’s hard work, including Framestore and McLaren. Together, they launched its first series on Sky Sports F1 channel on the 8th of July 2012, which was aired before the British Grand Prix. The series had twelve episodes of three minutes each. During Sky’s pre-race show, Tooned was shown in the advertising space for the very first time. For the rest of the season, its episodes were aired before each Grand Prix. The show was a great success and gave McLaren the chance to create its line of merchandise, which included DVDs, posters, clothing, and stickers.

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