McLaren Senna on Track Exterior Passenger Side Front Profile

Which major US track performance test records did the McLaren Senna break?

Last week, McLaren made a pretty incredible announcement that we’re absolutely stoked to pass along to you if you haven’t yet heard it. The absolutely incredible McLaren Senna has officially broken four major US track performance test records. Yes, FOUR! We wanted to make sure you were aware of this information if you’ve been contemplating which McLaren model you might be interested in, as that’s some pretty exciting news. But now, let’s dive into some of the specifics.

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McLaren Speedtail Rear Fascia with Exhaust System

How does McLaren Automotive use innovative materials in their exhaust systems?

Episode 11 from the McLaren Tech Club focuses on the use of innovative materials when they design cutting-edge exhaust systems. Ella Podmore, the materials engineer, returns once again to talk about this exciting topic. One of their biggest challenges when designing exhaust systems is matching the aesthetic of the vehicle to what the material performance is capable of. Check out the video to learn even more about this topic in regard to the McLaren lineup of vehicles as a whole. Enjoy!

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2020 McLaren Speedtail Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

How many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the United States?

McLaren North America recently hit a very important and exciting milestone here in the United States, and we’re pretty stoked about it so we thought we’d share with you. Have you ever wondered how many McLaren vehicles have been sold in the U.S.? The company just recently sold its 7,500th model here in the States, a big achievement considering the brand has been importing vehicles to the country for less than a decade.

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New McLaren Senna Ride-On Next to Real Model

Will there be a McLaren Senna Ride-On?

As we’re growing up, we all dream of the day we’ll be able to have our very first car. For a long time now, kids have been able to reach that dream early via Ride-On toys. They might not be street legal or get you anywhere fast, but it certainly gives kids a head-start on driving. And who doesn’t want to be able to say that their first car was a McLaren? Now, kids will have that chance, as there’s going to be a McLaren Senna Ride-On.

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McLaren 765LT Exterior Passenger Side Rear Angle at Sunset

How was the McLaren 765LT made to be so lightweight?

It’s time to watch the tenth episode of the McLaren Tech Club, which you can check out below as we’ve embedded it right from the McLaren Automotive YouTube channel. This time, we hear from materials engineer Ella Podmore as she talks about the company’s pursuit of making the McLaren 765LT as lightweight as possible. She answers questions like “how the 765LT uses material science to remove weight and go faster.” Enjoy the video and be sure to check out the company’s YouTube channel for additional episodes of McLaren Tech Club, or check back later this month when we share episode 11.

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Gulf Oil International Ltd CEO Mike Jones

Is McLaren Automotive partnering with Gulf Oil International?

Corporate partnerships aren’t necessarily the most interesting news stories, but every once in awhile, there’s one that can be pretty exciting. That’s certainly the case with the news coming out of the McLaren Automotive camp late last month, as they have announced a multi-year strategic partnership with Gulf Oil International Ltd. Arguably one of the most iconic brands across the globe, this is a huge partnership for McLaren and one that will affect consumers in the future!

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