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Which major US track performance test records did the McLaren Senna break?

Last week, McLaren made a pretty incredible announcement that we’re absolutely stoked to pass along to you if you haven’t yet heard it. The absolutely incredible McLaren Senna has officially broken four major US track performance test records. Yes, FOUR! We wanted to make sure you were aware of this information if you’ve been contemplating which McLaren model you might be interested in, as that’s some pretty exciting news. But now, let’s dive into some of the specifics.

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The McLaren Senna is the ultimate road-legal track car. It’s the most track-focused vehicle McLaren has ever built with the intent of being road-legal, and now it has broken four lap records across three different tracks in the United States.

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McLaren Senna on Track Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

NCM Motorsports Park

Traveling to the NCM Motorsports Park in Kentucky, the McLaren Senna completed the full Grand Course in 2:02.86 for Andy Pilgrim’s ‘Pro Racer’s Take’ in the publication Automobile. Then the vehicle returned for the iconic Road & Track’s ‘Performance Car of the Year 2019.’ This time, it ran the NCM West Circuit and finished the lap in 1:23.34. The vehicle even recorded a stunning lateral g-force of 1.64g’s on turn four!

Virginia International Raceway

Next up, the McLaren Senna traveled to the Virginia International Raceway to complete the Grand Course. This 4.1-mile lap is where Car and Driver’s ‘Lightning Lap 2019’ took place, and the McLaren Senna shattered the record by finishing in 2:34.9. Throughout the race, it reached a top speed of 172.9 miles per hour, an average speed of 134.5 mph and even recorded a lateral acceleration of 1.23g’s on turn one.

Laguna Seca

The final record broken took place during the ‘Best Driver’s Car 2019’ event for Motor Trend, when the McLaren Senna became the first production car to ever finish the Weather Tech Raceway Laguna Seca lap in less than 1:28, coming in at a precise time of 1:27.62.

These are some incredible performance times that brings even more credibility to the outstanding McLaren Senna. If you’re interested in one of your own, be sure to get in touch with us right here at McLaren Chicago!