McLaren Elva on the racetrack

IndyCar Star JR Hildebrand Drives the McLaren Elva

What is it Like to Drive a McLaren Elva?

For the driving enthusiasts who love speed and power, we have the best vehicle option for you- the McLaren Elva. The McLaren Elva offers you the purest driving experience with innovative features combined with lightweight carbon-fiber construction. We know that buy just saying these words will not convince you, so know about the McLaren Elva experience from the IndyCar Star JR Hildebrand. Our team at McLaren Chicago is very excited about it, and we hope you will like it too. Let us check the video below. 

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The 2022 McLaren Artura on the road

Take a Look at the Performance Specs of the 2022 Mclaren Artura

2022 McLaren Artura Performance Specs

The all-new 2022 McLaren Artura is a formidable blend of power and technology. With cutting-edge tech and a range of impressive features, the hybrid supercar offers a truly unique driving experience. The superfast hybrid model boasts a futuristic design and offers an opulent interior. But how powerful is the 2022 McLaren Artura? If you want to know about the power of this supercar, then we at McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, have got you covered. Continue reading to get to know about the 2022 McLaren Artura performance specs.

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McLaren 720s coupe driving on a road

Is there a certified McLaren lease return center in Chicago?

Certified McLaren Lease Return Center in Chicago, IL

McLaren has been serving the sports car needs of the U.S. for over 30 years now. If you are also a sports car enthusiast living in or around Chicago, IL, this article is for you. McLaren Chicago now offers the option to not only purchase vehicles but also lease them. Continue reading to learn more about a certified McLaren lease return center in Chicago, IL.

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Lightning transposed over hood of McLaren vehicle with McLaren emblem

Is there an electric McLaren?

Electric McLaren Models and Future Plans

It seems like every automaker is going electric these days. It makes sense- not only is switching to electric vehicles an important step in creating a climate-friendly human civilization, many countries will make new gas-fueled vehicles illegal by 2030.

McLaren is typically at the cutting edge of automotive innovation. Drivers from the Chicago area occasionally ask our team here at McLaren Chicago: does McLaren produce an electric model?

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2021 McLaren 720S cruising down a curved pavement

Can you drive a McLaren on the street?

McLaren has long been known for its prestigious racing pedigree. However, since the 1990s, the venerable automaker has also sold vehicles to the general public, through outlets such as ours here at McLaren Chicago.

McLaren vehicles provide an incredible experience on the track. However, drivers from the Chicago area sometimes inquire of our team: is it legal to drive a McLaren on public roads?

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