Teen Driver in a Vehicle

5 Important Driving Tips for Teens

5 Driving Tips for Young Drivers

Driving is a perfect blend of art and science. In addition to having skills, one must have a passion for getting it right. Drivers must enjoy it, and it is equally important to be safe. Drivers should keep some important tips handy. At McLaren Chicago, we focus on our drivers’ welfare and want the best experience. Teen drivers often face accidents and other critical issues while driving. This blog describes five driving tips for teen drivers. 

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A family having food together

List of the Top Three Vegan Restaurants in Chicago, IL!

Where Can I Find Vegan Food near the Chicago, IL, Area?  

When you are a vegan, finding a good restaurant with your choice of food can sometimes be difficult. With that said, if you are visiting our beautiful city of Chicago, IL, you have a different problem. There are so many great places that it can get confusing to choose the best from the lot, and this is where we come in. McLaren Chicago has this blog post where we tell you about our top three vegan restaurants in the area!  

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A dog looking out of the window of a car.

How to Travel with a Pet in Your Car

Tips for Travelling with Pets in Your Car

You are excited about your upcoming road trip. Your car is set. Your destination is set. The only thing making you nervous is your little furry friend, who will give you company on the trip. You have never travelled with your pet before, and the mere thought makes you anxious. You want to ensure your pet enjoys the journey as much as you do. You do not want to put your pet in an uncomfortable scenario for the sake of some fun and thrill. Relax! Here, in this blog by the McLaren Chicago dealership in Chicago, IL, we present a few helpful tips for traveling with your pet in a car.

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A row of multicolored shoes

List of the Top Three Shopping Malls in Chicago, IL!

What are the Best Shopping Centers in the Chicago, IL, Area?  

If you have been working too hard and didn’t have the time to do something yourself, maybe it’s time for you to indulge yourself a little! What better way to do that than to go shopping with your friends? Take a look at this blog post that we at McLaren Chicago have for you, where we tell you about the top three shopping malls in Chicago, IL. Check it out!  

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2023 Mclaren Solus GT on the track

Watch Video: First Look of the McLaren Solus GT Unveiled

All New 2023 McLaren Solus GT is here!  

Based on the McLaren Vision Gran Turismo concept created for the video game Gran Turismo Sport, McLaren has released a new single-seat, track-only automobile called the Solus GT. There will only be 25 Solus GT units produced, and they have sold for more than £3 million. Join us at McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, to witness the first look at the McLaren Solus GT. Continue reading for more information.     

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Texas style barbecued food items

List of the Top Three BBQ Restaurants in Chicago, IL!

Where Can I Get the Best Barbecues in Chicago, IL?  

Rules are meant to be broken! If you have been on a strict diet and are not sure what to get on your cheat day, how does a barbecue sound to you? Now that we have piqued your interest, you may want to know about the nearest barbecue restaurants in your area. Take a look at this list of the top three barbecue joints in Chicago, IL, that we at McLaren Chicago have for you!  

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