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Closeup view of the wheels on a 2020 McLaren 765LT

Are There Any Benefits to Having More Spokes in Your Wheels?

Reasons Why Some Car Wheels Have More Spokes Than Others

One of the coolest aspects of McLaren vehicles is the unique styles that they feature, including various different wheel styles. What makes the wheel styles on McLaren vehicles unique is the variety in the number of spokes that their wheel options offer. Some McLaren models feature 4 or 5 spokes in their wheels, while others offer 9 or even 10 spokes. You might be wondering if there are any benefits associated with having more spokes in the wheels of a vehicle. Join the staff here at McLaren Chicago today as we try to answer that question!

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McLaren 675LT Exterior Front Fascia on the Racetrack

What is Ignition Cut technology in the McLaren 675LT?

McLaren is no stranger to introducing cutting-edge technology, but the word cutting isn’t usually taken literally in those technologies. This time it is, and Episode 9 of the McLaren Tech Club goes into detail on that technology as it was found in the McLaren 675LT. The technology in question is known as Ignition Cut, and while it has been used fairly frequently in motorsports, this was the first time it had ever made its way to a production vehicle. Check out the episode for yourself to learn more!

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McLaren 765LT Interior Cabin Dashboard

McLaren 765LT Interior Customization & Color Options

We’ve spoken a lot about the McLaren 765LT since it made its debut back in March because we’re just really excited about the incredible new vehicle. We’ve covered its powertrain & performance specifications, which are as impressive as you’ve come to expect from a McLaren vehicle. We’ve covered what went into its weight reduction & its impressive power-to-weight ratio. We’ve even taken a broad look at its aerodynamics & all of its carbon fiber design elements. But now, we’re going to take a look at some of the interior customization & color options that you have when shopping for your own McLaren 765LT.

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McLaren Headquarters

McLaren Lineup Performance Times & Power Ratings

For those of you enthusiasts who are crazy about speed and power – which, let’s be honest, is all of us – we thought we’d put the entire McLaren lineup on display in one place as far as performance times and power ratings are concerned. If you’re looking for a certain amount of power or speed, this should help you figure out which McLaren vehicle is right for you.

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McLaren Elva Exterior Driver Side Rear Profile

How does the McLaren Elva combine form and function?

For the next episode of the McLaren Tech Club, the series turned back towards the McLaren Elva to highlight some of the ways that form follows function in the incredibly innovative vehicle. A few videos in the series have already focused on this fantastic model, highlighting its Active Air Management System. This time, the Elva’s Chief Engineer takes us through a few things like its doors and more. Enjoy the video, and check back again later this month when we share episode 9!

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2020 McLaren 720S European Model Exterior Passenger Side Front Angle

2020 McLaren 720S Technical Specs & Features

Outside of talking about its carbon fibre active rear spoiler, it has been a while since we’ve spoken about the 2020 McLaren 720S here on the blog. We wanted to remedy that by not only highlighting some of the other features available in the supercar but also going over its important specifications to refresh your memory. Read on to find out all about the incredible 720S!

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McLaren GT Exterior Driver Side Front Angle

How does McLaren use cutting-edge engineering in the new GT?

In Episode 6 of the McLaren Tech Club, the series took a look at advanced materials in the new McLaren GT. In Episode 7, the GT is still the focus, but this time the experts looked at its cutting-edge engineering. Krishna Mistry, the principal engineer for air induction systems at McLaren Automotive, highlighted some of the engineering decisions and features that went into the incredible McLaren GT, in particular, sound quality throughout the vehicle. Check out the video below to learn more!

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Forza Horizon 4 #DriveAtHome McLaren Speedtail

What is McLaren #DriveatHome?

Our lives have been a little different this year, as many of us have been affected by safer at home orders due to the pandemic facing the world. In an effort to reduce some of the stress and make time at home a little more enjoyable, McLaren kicked off #DriveatHome last month in conjunction with the Forza Racing Franchise. We thought we’d dive into this to give you the rundown on what it means.

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