McLaren 765LT and CEO Mike Flewitt

How important is weight reduction in McLaren vehicles?

When building high-performance vehicles, one thing about which engineers have to be constantly vigilant is curb weight. The more weight a vehicle has, the more its performance is crippled. As McLaren continues to move toward the hybrid supercar future in which it’s already heading, it has put a special focus on winning what the company has dubbed “the weight race.” In other words, weight reduction is incredibly important in McLaren vehicles, as was evidenced in the design of the McLaren 765LT.

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McLaren 765LT Design Concept Art

What went into the design of the McLaren 765LT?

Earlier this month, we shared the very first video in the McLaren Tech Club series. It was focused on the virtual windscreen of the McLaren Elva and gave a lot of insight into how exactly that technology works. The second video was focused on the rear wing of the McLaren Senna GTR, and we shared that in a blog that gave you the rundown on what exactly the McLaren Tech Club is. Now, the third episode has been released, focusing entirely on the design of the McLaren 765 LT – which we’ve covered plenty on our blog already. Enjoy, and keep your eyes peeled for episode four!

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Esteban Palazzo and McLaren Senna GTR

What is the McLaren Tech Club?

If you’re a McLaren enthusiast, like we are, you’re going to absolutely love the McLaren Tech Club. This new offering from the McLaren brand is a series of short films that will explore the different technologies and features found within McLaren vehicles and include interviews with McLaren experts themselves. We’re stoked about the new series, the first episode of which you might have already seen shared here on our blog.

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2020 McLaren Elva Exterior Passenger Side Profile

How does the McLaren Elva protect you from the wind?

We’ve touched on the McLaren Active Air Management System found in the 2020 McLaren Elva in the past, but a new video has been added to the McLaren Automotive YouTube channel that we thought you might like to see, as it gives a really good look at just how the McLaren Elva protects you from the wind despite not having a traditional windscreen to protect you from the elements. Seems a little crazy, doesn’t it? But we assure you, you’ll be safe thanks to this system. Check it out!

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2020 McLaren GT Interior Cabin Door Audio System Speaker

What audio systems are in the McLaren Speedtail and GT?

The McLaren brand and its vehicles have earned numerous awards and titles throughout the years, but the pair of honors we’re covering today is especially exciting. You know that you’re going to be getting a stylish and high-performing vehicle any time you purchase a McLaren, but did you know you’re going to be getting an award-winning audio system if you buy a McLaren Speedtail or GT of your own?

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