Esteban Palazzo and McLaren Senna GTR

What is the McLaren Tech Club?

If you’re a McLaren enthusiast, like we are, you’re going to absolutely love the McLaren Tech Club. This new offering from the McLaren brand is a series of short films that will explore the different technologies and features found within McLaren vehicles and include interviews with McLaren experts themselves. We’re stoked about the new series, the first episode of which you might have already seen shared here on our blog.

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“With absolutely nothing between you and the wind coming at you, would it be possible to create a virtual canopy? That was the challenge we set ourselves with the design of the new Elva.”

– Dan Parry-Williams, director of Engineering Design, McLaren Automotive

What will the videos include?

You might have already watched the first one, and thus have a good idea of what the videos will include, but we wanted to give you a bit of a rundown on what to expect from future videos, as we’re excited that these will be available. Each video will feature McLaren experts discussing the technologies and features that make up their vehicles. For instance, the first video looked at the revolutionary Active Air Management System that was employed in the McLaren Elva to enable it to be engineered without a windscreen.

The second video has also already dropped, you can watch it below. This second episode is focused on the rear wing of the McLaren Senna GTR. So, as you can see, this series will be more than just showing you how to use a feature. It goes into the philosophy and engineering of important aspects of the McLaren vehicles we all know and love. We hope you enjoy the series, and we’ll be sure to share videos here on the blog as McLaren releases them!