McLaren 765LT Exterior Rear Fascia

McLaren 765LT Aerodynamics & Carbon Fiber Design

We’ve talked quite a bit about the new McLaren 765LT – the newest Longtail model on the lineup – but today we wanted to cover one more integral part of its design: aerodynamics. Along with that, we wanted to highlight just how much carbon fiber was used in the design of the vehicle, as it’s an impressive amount

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“A McLaren LT is defined by its rebellious spirit and a distinctive, striking appearance is an important part of that appeal, but the dynamic attributes of a ‘Longtail’ also demand their own physical changes. The stretched silhouette that enhances aerodynamic performance and the honed physique that improves downforce and cooling – especially on track – immediately identify the new 765LT as a car that will deliver on the promise of the purest driving thrills.”

– Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive

Aerodynamic-enhancing Design Cues

The aerodynamic enhancements start right away at the nose of the vehicle, as the front splitter is sitting closer to the ground than any other McLaren vehicle thanks to a 5-millimeter reduction in ride height upfront. This leads to an increase in the vehicle’s rake, which allows it to create more downforce in the front. Overall vehicle length has been extended by 57mm as well, thanks to the nose being lengthened by 1.9 inches and the active rear wing being stretched back too.

Aerodynamics are further enhanced by minimizing the physical volume of the vehicle’s bodywork, which allows more heat to evacuate the engine bay, leading to a decrease in air pressure within the rear wheel arches. Perhaps the most dramatic change, the rear wing was not only enlarged by 20%, but engineers also curved it upwards towards the middle rather than the opposite. Elevating its positioning like this increases the level of downforce, even if the wing isn’t deployed. This change also enhances the downforce-to-drag ratio by 20% over the 720S.

McLaren 765LT Exterior Passenger Side Front Angle
McLaren 765LT Exterior Rear Fascia

These are just a few examples of the new McLaren Longtail’s carbon fiber architecture and design enhancing its aerodynamics. If you have any questions about the new McLaren 765LT, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us, especially if you’re interested in possibly reserving one for yourself!