The McLaren Artura hybrid vehicle

New Artura Confirmed as McLaren’s Next Hybrid Supercar

McLaren’s Next Hybrid Vehicle Announced as New Artura

The wait is over! It has been confirmed that the new Artura will be the next hybrid supercar for McLaren, and people could not be happier. This vehicle has been years in the making and has much to offer in the way of performance, speed, and innovation. The McLaren Artura is like nothing anyone has seen before. Today we are going to explore what we know about this new supercar, which will be released in 2021.

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McLaren Artura with mystery body cover racing on track

Check Out this Video for the Name Reveal of the New McLaren Hybrid Supercar

Many automotive brands are looking to transition into the “new era” of cars and McLaren is one of them. McLaren has been working on combining all of their knowledge in superlight engineering, power, electrification, and racetrack performance to create a new McLaren experience. If you’ve been eager to learn the name of the new McLaren Hybrid Supercar, check out the video below that reveals its name as the McLaren Artura. We guarantee watching this video will get you excited for its 2021 release!

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luxury car detailing

Where can I get my exotic or luxury vehicle detailed?

Exotic Vehicle Detailing Offered at McLaren Chicago 

While living in or near Chicago, our vehicles take some abuse from the weather, road conditions, and UV rays. If you own a luxury vehicle, there are special ways to take care of your vehicle and this includes its exterior. Keep reading to learn about our exotic vehicle detailing services at McLaren Chicago.  Read the rest of this entry >>

McLaren Speedtail driver side facing driving on track at sunset

McLaren Tech Club: Designing A Three Seat Interior for the McLaren Speedtail

How Was the McLaren Three-Seat Interior Created for the McLaren Speedtail?

In the world of super sports cars, you don’t often see models deviating from the two-seater interior style. However, McLaren wanted to step away from the normal interior and create a three-seat interior for the McLaren Speedtail. In this super sports car model, the driver sits in the center of the three seats with the two passengers sitting slightly behind in the rear. Since this is an uncommon feature to see, you might be wondering how this was done. Join us as we explore how the McLaren three-seat interior was created for the McLaren Speedtail in this video from McLaren Automotive.

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2020 McLaren Senna exterior driver side

How Does the 2020 McLaren Senna Provide an Innovative Driving Experience?

The 2020 McLaren Senna provides outstanding and driver-focused performance. While the engine is responsible for a decent portion of this performance, there are also several other features that help. Including the suspension technology from the McLaren P1™, the 2020 McLaren Senna provides an innovative driving experience with technology and design features. Read on as we explore these features and what their purpose is!

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