2020 McLaren Senna exterior driver side facing parked on side of city street

How Does the 2020 McLaren Senna Provide an Innovative Driving Experience?

The 2020 McLaren Senna provides outstanding and driver-focused performance. While the engine is responsible for a decent portion of this performance, there are also several other features that help. Including the suspension technology from the McLaren P1™, the 2020 McLaren Senna provides an innovative driving experience with technology and design features. Read on as we explore these features and what their purpose is!

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Innovative features that create superior race car performance

2020 McLaren Senna front fascia passenger facing light blue paint in white display room

The McLaren Senna has downforce of 800kg which is 200kg more than McLaren P1™. This downforce is achieved through the active front aero blades and the active rear wing. The active aero blades harness the airflow to optimize balance and aerodynamics. These features help with braking later, speeding into corners, and applying the throttle earlier than usual. As we mentioned in our introduction, the suspension technology is one of the parts that helps provide the innovative experience. The RaceActive Chassis Control II is a suspension system that can generate and manage large aerodynamic loads. It also helps improve comfort when driving and provide impressive lap times.

Another feature that helps improve aerodynamics is the body itself. The body is made of an all-carbon fibre that is super light, perfect for supporting aerodynamics at high speeds. The front splitter deflects less than 10mm of huge aero loads, while the rear wing assembly supports 100 times its weight in downforce. The roof-mounted “snorkel” intake and the intake plenum on the twin-turbo engine are both made out of carbon fibre to lower the center of gravity. Adding to the lightweight body construction, the exterior color Calibre Black is also made of lightweight material.

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