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Where can I get my exotic or luxury vehicle detailed?

Exotic Vehicle Detailing Offered at McLaren Chicago 

While living in or near Chicago, our vehicles take some abuse from the weather, road conditions, and UV rays. If you own a luxury vehicle, there are special ways to take care of your vehicle and this includes its exterior. Keep reading to learn about our exotic vehicle detailing services at McLaren Chicago. 

What does exotic vehicle detailing do? 

Exotic and luxury vehicles need more care when it comes to detailing them. If you are not careful where you bring them, there is a huge potential that both the interior and exterior of your vehicle can be damaged. These vehicles have different materials compared to other vehicles which need more care. Some ways we detail your vehicle are by doing a vehicle shampoo, cleaning and conditioning leather, adding a protective shine spray, and applying waxes and sealants to prevent any damage from potential elements your vehicle may come into contact with. 

More about McLaren Chicago 

At McLaren Chicago, we offer more than just detailing services. We provide many new McLaren vehicles along with pre-owned luxury and exotic vehicles. Some brands we offer include Alfa Romeo, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Land Rover and Porsche. McLaren Chicago also has a service center at the dealership location. No matter what service you receive, you can be assured you will have the same level of attention that the Formula One™ cars get in a pit stop. 

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Have your vehicle detailed at McLaren Chicago 

If you are looking to spruce up your luxury vehicle, have it detailed at McLaren Chicago. Schedule an appointment today! If you have more questions or have a request, contact us, and we would love to help.  

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