Three McLaren GT Models on Coast

Where can I find a pre-owned luxury sports car in Chicago, IL?

When looking to upgrade your vehicle, you don’t always have to look at the new inventory. The pre-owned inventory at many dealerships offer a wide variety with some models being from the most recent model year. If you’re looking for a luxury sports car, you might be wondering where you can find some pre-owned options in Chicago, IL. Check out the pre-owned inventory at McLaren Chicago and keep reading to learn why buying pre-owned is a great idea.

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Benefits of buying a pre-owned luxury sports car

2020 McLaren GT Exterior Passenger Side Rear Angle
  1. A good chunk of depreciation has already happened. One of the most disheartening things about a brand new car is that is loses its value over time. This means you’re buying a pre-owned car at its true value and you might be able to help it regain some value.
  2. Saves you money. Pre-owned cost less than a new vehicle, sometimes up to 50% of the new vehicle price. This can help you pay off your payments faster and save on financing fees.
  3. You can still have a warranty. Depending on how new the pre-owned vehicle is, you can still enjoy the remainder of its warranty. This means you can save money on service appointments and get certified parts.
  4. Lower annual registration fee. The annual registration fee is based on the value and year of your car. You can save a lot of money by avoiding the new and annual refees that come with buying a car that is three years old or less.

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At McLaren Chicago we not only offer pre-owned McLaren models, but we also have options from other brands including Alfa Romeo, BMW, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and more. If you have any questions about the models in our inventory, don’t hesitate to reach out.