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What does it mean for an engine to be turbocharged?

When shopping for a new vehicle, you’ll take a look at the specs and features of all the different vehicles. When shopping for a sports car you’ll notice that a lot of them will have engines with the words “turbocharged” or “twin-turbocharged.” If you aren’t sure what these words mean, you’re not alone. While we previously covered the meaning of twin-turbocharged, we’ll be covering the meaning of turbocharged today. Keep reading as we walk you through what it means for an engine to be turbocharged.

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What makes an engine turbocharged?

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When an engine is turbocharged, it means that it is using a turbine-driven forced induction method to power the vehicle. This induction method takes recycled car exhaust and moves it into the combustion chamber. Turbocharged engines are smaller than regular engines but can produce the same amount of power. They also have 50% more air flowing through them than regular engines. These factors combined mean that turbocharged engines can provide better acceleration.

What is the advantage of a turbocharged engine?

There are many advantages of having a turbocharged engine, but there are two that stick out. These advantages are greater power density and increased fuel efficiency. The smaller size allows manufacturers to downsize engine displacement. The process of utilizing the expelled air to spin a compressor wheel to draw in outside air helps to reduce waste as well.

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If your vehicle has a turbocharged engine, you’ll get to enjoy great fuel economy and impressive acceleration. Looking to experience a turbocharged engine? Check out our inventory of luxury sports car at McLaren Chicago.