2020 McLaren GT Interior Cabin Door Audio System Speaker

What audio systems are in the McLaren Speedtail and GT?

The McLaren brand and its vehicles have earned numerous awards and titles throughout the years, but the pair of honors we’re covering today is especially exciting. You know that you’re going to be getting a stylish and high-performing vehicle any time you purchase a McLaren, but did you know you’re going to be getting an award-winning audio system if you buy a McLaren Speedtail or GT of your own?

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“We have been honoured to receive awards for the way our cars look, but we are especially proud of these commendations for the design of the audio systems that McLaren has meticulously developed with Bowers & Wilkins. It is entirely fitting that both winning products are installed in our GT cars, which are designed not just to offer an enthralling drive, but also to give exceptional comfort to the occupants and in the case of the Speedtail, creating the modern equivalent of the bespoke audio system fitted to the McLaren F1.”

– Rob Melville, Design Director, McLaren Automotive


Hosted by iF International Forum Design GmbH, the iF DESIGN AWARDS are determined by a jury of 78 independent experts from all around the world. This year, 56 countries submitted 7,298 products to compete, and the audio systems inside the McLaren Speedtail and GT were two winners in the Car Audio category’s Product discipline.

McLaren Speedtail

The audio system found in the McLaren Speedtail is one of a kind and just happens to be the first Bowers & Wilkins audio system found in a central driving position vehicle. The judges gave it special commendations to its tailor-made grilles for the way that they are integrated into the interior panels of the vehicle. The system features advanced speaker tech such as Diamond dome tweeters and Continuum midrange drivers as well, making it something to truly marvel.

McLaren GT

The audio system in the McLaren GT was also recognized for its new, customized grille and its integration into the cabin. This system utilizes advanced technology as well, including Aramid Fibre.

2020 McLaren Speedtail Interior Cabin Dashboard Audio System Speakers
2020 McLaren GT Interior Cabin Dashboard Audio System Speakers

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