A closer look of the McLaren Artura Pirelli Cyber Tire

How Pirelli Cyber Tire Transforms the McLaren Artura Driving Experience?

McLaren Artura Delivering a Safer Ride with Pirelli Cyber Tire  

Along with great driving experience and eye-catching looks, the McLaren Artura has a lot to offer. This high-performance supercar comes equipped with Pirelli’s ground-breaking Cyber Tires. These go beyond the basic task of providing traction and stability; they act as a conduit of real-time data, Improving both safety and performance on the road and the track. Please read below to learn more about it. Also, those interested in the McLaren Artura can take a detailed tour and view our car financing options at McLaren Chicago, our dealership in Chicago, Illinois.           

McLaren Artura Revolutionizes Performance with Pirelli Cyber Tires 

These tires provide specific data on temperature and pressure directly to the driver. This real-time information is invaluable, offering insights crucial for maintaining optimal performance and safety. Unlike traditional Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS), which rely on external sensors, Pirelli Cyber Tires are embedded with transmitting sensors, which results in greater accuracy.   

This direct contact with tires results in transmitting data to the McLaren Artura swiftly and efficiently, even before the driver sets off. This instantaneous access puts Artura ahead in terms of technology, which can adapt and optimize its performance according to real-time conditions.  

Lastly, Cyber Tire’s ability to measure tire temperature rather than rim temperature is a game-changer as it directly influences performance and handling. It empowers the driver with insights previously only available to Formula 1 engineers.  

Front view of the McLaren Artura
McLaren Artura raw power on the racetrack

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