McLaren Artura light green exterior driving on racetrack

What’s the best seating position for driving at high speeds?

Sitting Safely When Driving on the Track

Here at McLaren Chicago, our models tend to be made for fast driving around the track. It’s not enough, however, to simply take a powerful vehicle out to a track and let ‘er rip. There are a lot of pointers to follow to ensure your high-speed fun is done in a safe and optimized manner.

One of the biggest mistakes that new drivers make at the racetrack is sitting incorrectly. How should one position the driver’s seat for the optimal and safest high-speed driving experience?

For proper high-speed sitting, drivers should carefully adjust the seat’s legroom, height, and recline angle. Bolsters should also be used if available. For information on what constitutes proper adjustments, read on.

It’s important to choose the right vehicle for track driving. For recommendations, feel free to speak to our team!

Note: We at McLaren Chicago do not condone unsafe driving. If you’re driving fast, do it on a closed track with professionals close at hand that can render assistance if needed.

Front/Back Seating Position

When the brake and clutch pedals are pushed in as far as possible, your leg should be just slightly bent. Move the seat forward or back to find this position.

Ideal Recline Angle

To determine seat recline, rest your wrists on top of the steering wheel. When in this position, your arms should be comfortable and just slightly bent. Adjust the seat recline to achieve this.

Proper Height Adjustment

For ideal seat height, lower the seat as low as possible while still maintaining your ability to see clearly through the windshield at the road ahead. This helps to reduce the vehicle’s center of gravity and help you to better “feel the road” as you drive.

Bolster Usage

Finally, if the seats are equipped with bolsters (which are like wings made to keep your body in place while driving), adjust them so that you’re held snugly in the center of the seat. This will prevent you from sliding around when taking tight corners.

If you’re driving fast or in non-ideal conditions, it’s important to be aware of understeer.

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