MSO Restored a McLaren F1 (#63) for the Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance

The McLaren F1, which was produced from 1993 – 1998, featured numerous design and technology innovations that were well ahead of its time, such as the center driver’s seat situated between two passenger’s seats, along with track-level performance without sacrificing everyday comfort and practicality. McLaren Specials Operations (MSO) recently brought an F1 back to its full glory with a restored model (Chassis #63) unveiled at the recent Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance.

McLaren F1 Certification Program

MSO announced its McLaren F1 Certification Program at last year’s Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance, so it’s fitting that it chose the same event to unveil the restored McLaren F1 Chassis 63. The supercar underwent a painstaking restoration over a period of 18-months. Initially, the body and drivetrain were stripped from the car. The interior was then re-trimmed in the original Semi Aniline leather, which was a one-off for this car. It is finished in Woking Grey, using 10 hand-selected hides to meet MSO’s stringent quality standards.

Rear view of restored silver McLaren F1 with butterfly doors opened

“Just 12 months ago we announced the MSO McLaren F1 Heritage programme with the unveiling of F1 25R, resplendent in Gulf Racing Colours. Following an extensive restoration, which was very much a labour of love for our team, it’s an honour to now display chassis 63 at the Hampton Court Concours d’Elegance. With the work the team has carried out, this car will continue to fulfil the original brief for the McLaren F1; to create the world’s finest road car.” – Ansar Ali, Managing Director, McLaren Special Operations

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Are all F1 models eligible for the F1 Restoration Program?

The restored McLaren F1 Chassis 63 is one of 106 McLaren F1 models that were produced from 1993 – 1998, including 28 GTR race cars and 64 standard road cars. All of these F1 models are eligible for the F1 Restoration Program.

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