2022 McLaren 720S

How does the 2022 McLaren 720S perform?

Performance features of the 2022 McLaren 720S

Whichever angle you look from, the 2022 McLaren 720S looks beautiful. McLaren’s design philosophy states’ everything for a reason’, which gave birth to this lovely supercar, and rightly so. This supercar is shaped like a teardrop which enhances its aerodynamic efficiency. The sleek lines, front fascia, rear end, everything screams class. The 2022 McLaren 720S is designed to offer maximum driver engagement and excellent performance. If you are looking forward to purchasing this supercar in Chicago, Illinois, you must contact the McLaren Chicago dealership.

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Performance and specs of the 2022 McLaren 720S

Embrace yourself as now you are going to find out exactly how powerful is the 2022 McLaren 720S. The supercar comes with a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 engine paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission that delivers a whopping 710 horsepower and 568 lb.-ft of torque. You can find three trims for the 2022 McLaren 720S – Base, Luxury, and Performance. The starting MSRP for this amazing vehicle is $302,000. Unlike many other vehicles, the 720S is light in weight and bears a super-strong frame, thanks to the MonoCage II structure. And how can we forget about those futuristic ionic doors? Don’t they look like something from the future? Everything about this vehicle is incredible, and that is why it is so great to own one of these.

2022 McLaren 720S rear exterior
2022 McLaren 720S front exterior

Its smooth acceleration takes you from zero to 62 mph in just 2.8 seconds, and you can take it up to the speed of 212 mph. There are features in the vehicle that help improve its performance, such as Traction Control System, Proactive Chassis Control II, Pirelli P Zero™ tires, Launch Control, and McLaren Brake Steer. In the interior, you’ll find features like – McLaren Infotainment System, a Seven-inch high-resolution touch screen monitor, Dual-zone climate control, Electro-chromatic dimming rear view interior mirror, and Air conditioning.

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Buy the 2022 McLaren 720S in Chicago, IL

If you want to purchase the 2022 McLaren 720S in Chicago, IL, you must visit the McLaren Chicago dealership. You can contact us if you have questions or concerns about this or other McLaren models. Our team will be happy to assist you!