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Take a Look at the Best Mexican Restaurants in Chicago, IL!

Where Can I Get Mexican Food in the Chicago, IL, Area?  

It’s a Friday night, and you want to try something new and exciting! If you have not had Mexican food for a long time, or maybe never, you can check that off the list by going to a Mexican restaurant. The city of Chicago, IL, has many such restaurants, so figuring out the best of the lot can be arduous, but McLaren Chicago is here to help you. Take a look at our pick of the top three Mexican restaurants in the area!  

Mi Tocaya Antojeria  

Fish Con Mole Verde, Campechano, Milpa, and many such Mexican delicacies are served at this fantastic restaurant. The establishment accepts Android Pay and credit cards, so you can order as many items off the menu as you want and not worry about the bill.  

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XOchimilco Mexican Restaurant  

Carne Asada, Ceviche, Lamb Shank, and other delectable food items are waiting to be devoured by you at this eatery. The restaurant has outdoor seating, so you can enjoy the pleasant evening breeze while having your tasty meal.  

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Bárbaro Taquería  

Have you ever had Al Pastor Taco? If not, visiting this restaurant can be a rewarding experience for you. Not only do they serve you mouth-watering food, but they also have free Wi-Fi for the customers. Therefore, you can make the most of it by clicking pictures of your food and uploading them on your social media!  

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Well, that brings us to the end of our blog post. We hope you enjoyed reading about these magnificent Mexican food joints in Chicago, IL. Now pick a date and start visiting these restaurants with your family and friends!