Sportswear Collection by Castore and McLaren

Castore and McLaren Collaborate Again for 2022

Sportswear Collection for Spring by Castore and McLaren 

Castore, a premium sportswear company, launches its latest sportswear collection inspired by the colors, function, and form of ground-breaking supercars by McLaren Automotive. With the latest spring collection, Castore and McLaren have collaborated for the third time to create the ultimate line of every day and training wardrobe.

Sportswear Collection for spring by Castore and McLaren is now available for purchase at,, and in select Castore stores. Intrigued by this supreme collection? Please keep reading to learn about it from our team at McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL. 

How was the latest sportswear collection designed? 

While the latest spring sportswear collection is influenced by the design of McLaren supercars, it also shows the lethal combination of advanced engineering and lightweight technical materials. In simpler words, McLaren uses the lightest weight materials to develop its supercars, and Castore chooses the best fabrics to enhance an athlete’s performance. Castore and Mclaren combined these qualities to create the sportswear collection for spring 2022. Designed for optimum performance, this curated collection includes trackpants, shorts, hoodies, and t-shirts. 

Sportswear Collection by Castore and McLaren

Hero Products from the latest sportswear collection by Castore and McLaren 

Hero products from the 2022 spring sportswear collection include a lightweight quilted Techlux gilet made from lightweight and water-resistant fabric. This gilet also features high-stretch side panels and zoned quilting for ease of movement and additional warmth, respectively. Another product from the range includes a Techlux quarter zip, which you can wear as an everyday mid-layer. This lightweight performance piece is also ideal for all intensities of exercise as it is made using Castore’s moisture-wicking and breathable fabric.  

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