Red McLaren 650S on a modern concrete structures

Which McLaren does Tyler, the Creator drive?

A Look at Tyler, the Creator’s Special Relationship with McLaren

Tyler, the Creator is many things. One of those things that may be less known than others is that he’s quite the automotive enthusiast. Among the brands that especially delight the rapper, fashion designer, and Odd Future leader is McLaren. So much does McLaren delight Tyler that he seems to own one for himself. Curious fans sometimes give us a ring here at McLaren Chicago and ask: what McLaren model does Tyler, the Creator have?

While it’s unclear if Tyler, the Creator owns a McLaren for sure, it appears most likely that he owns a McLaren 650S. Over the years, the multi-talented artist has been noted to interact with three different McLaren models: the F1, 650S and MP4.

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Did Tyler, the Creator drive a McLaren F1?

Back in spring 2015, Tyler, the Creator paid a special visit to McLaren headquarters and got to test drive the legendary McLaren F1. After that, he and the automaker exchanged messages of mutual admiration publicly on social media. This positive relationship may be what resulted in Tyler’s interaction with the next McLaren model on our list: the 650S.

Does Tyler, the Creator own a McLaren 650S?

Towards the end of summer 2015, Tyler, the Creator posted a picture on Instagram of him posing with a brand-new McLaren 650S. It was unclear whether he owned the vehicle or was just taking another test drive. The 650S is based on the McLaren MP4-12C but adds 25% new parts. It’s powered by a 3.8-liter twin-turbo V8 engine paired to a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox, a combination which churns out a full 650 PS.

Does Tyler, the Creator own a McLaren MP4-12C?

Some fans have theorized that Tyler, the Creator owns a McLaren MP4-12C, a model which later became known simply as the McLaren 12C. This theory arose from observing the model featured in a video tweeted by a bystander that shows Tyler stopped in traffic and dancing in the road. As the 650S is closely based on the 12C, it’s feasible that the vehicle in the video is actually the 650S seen in the original Instagram post, and that Tyler, the Creator does in fact own a McLaren 650S.

So it looks like Tyler does own a McLaren. But who owns McLaren itself?