2021 McLaren 720S Spider on road

Why Does McLaren Call Its Convertibles “Spider”?

If you’ve been following McLaren for some time, you will have noticed that it likes to call its convertibles “Spiders,” whether it’s the 570S Spider or the 765LT Spider. The moniker does sound cool unless you’re someone who dislikes creepy eight-legged crawlers. Many of our customers at McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL ask us why McLaren convertibles are called “Spider,” and that’s what we’re going to debunk in this blog, so read on.  

Where is the origin of the term “Spider”? 

Side view of a blue McLaren 765LT Spider driving on a road
Front quarter view of a Blue McLaren 570S Spider with its wing doors open

The origin of the term “spider” can be traced all the way back to the days of the bygone era of horse-drawn carriages, and the odd-looking spider phaeton could be the forerunner of the modern spider convertible.  

Dating back to the 18th century, the spider phaeton was a lightweight carriage built for sport and show. It featured a removable top with the most basic protection and lacked permanent side windows like the other convertible carriages of those times. The spider phaeton offers a true open-air experience.   

Automotive historians and enthusiasts speculate that the spider phaeton was called a spider because it featured a small body with large wooden wheels and thin spokes, which made it resemble a spider. It’s also said that the carriage’s unevenly distributed eight-spoke wheels earned it the nickname. Nonetheless, that’s how the spider’s association with the automobile began, and today many sports cars are called spiders. 

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Which McLaren Models are Spiders? 

The McLaren model lineup has many convertibles or spiders, including:  

  • McLaren 570S Spider  
  • McLaren 600LT Spider  
  • McLaren 675LT Spider  
  • McLaren 650S Can-Am Spider  
  • McLaren 650S Spider  
  • McLaren 720S Spider  
  • McLaren 765LT Spider  
  • McLaren 12C Spider  
Aerial view showing the teal-colored McLaren 720S Spider

How long does it take to open/close the retractable hardtop of the McLaren 570S Spider?

Test Drive a McLaren Spider in Chicago, IL  

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