McLaren 765LT Interior Cabin Dashboard

McLaren 765LT Interior Customization & Color Options

We’ve spoken a lot about the McLaren 765LT since it made its debut back in March because we’re just really excited about the incredible new vehicle. We’ve covered its powertrain & performance specifications, which are as impressive as you’ve come to expect from a McLaren vehicle. We’ve covered what went into its weight reduction & its impressive power-to-weight ratio. We’ve even taken a broad look at its aerodynamics & all of its carbon fiber design elements. But now, we’re going to take a look at some of the interior customization & color options that you have when shopping for your own McLaren 765LT.

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Cockpit Theme Choices

McLaren 765LT Interior Cabin Dashboard

Although it’s a two-seat supercar, the cockpit of the McLaren 765LT is surprisingly spacious and delivers impeccable ergonomics to the driver. While the vehicle’s focus was on delivering a racetrack-worthy experience on the road, it didn’t sacrifice in terms of the luxuriousness a supercar should offer. There are plenty of choices to make within the cabin of the vehicle, and even more are available through McLaren Special Operations, but we’ll focus on the regular options.

Shoppers can choose from eight different bespoke interior color themes. One theme replaces the Carbon Black stitching in the Alcantara upholstery with McLaren Orange, while three other themes take things even further than this by offering different combinations of colors on top of a Carbon Black Alcantara base color. The combinations include Dove Grey Alcantara with Situs Grey stitching, Burnt Orange Alcantara with Carmine stitching and Midnight Blue Alcantara with Kingfisher Blue stitching. Each theme also features a graphic that’s laser-cut into the seats so as to expose a secondary color that matches its corresponding stitching.

The other four interior themes do away with Alcantara in favor of Carbon Black softgrain leather contrasted by the same four options of stitching. An additional option, free of charge to any customer who chooses to opt for it, is a 12 o’clock stripe on the steering wheel in the primary color of its theme.

All we’ve covered here is the vehicle’s interior color options and a few extra choices. We could literally talk about the McLaren 765LT all day, there is so much available within it. Be sure to check back soon for further information and details!