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How to Drive Safely at Night

Tips For Driving at Night

There is a reason why so much paranoia is attached to night driving. According to a survey, road accidents are three times more likely to occur at night compared with the daytime. Reduced visibility, drowsiness, and glare from too-bright lights are some factors that add to the challenge of driving at night. However, we can indeed follow some tips to help reduce the risk. Keep reading this blog by the McLaren Chicago Dealership in Chicago, IL, to learn various ways of driving safely at night.

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Critical Tips for Safe Night Driving

  • It is recommended to lower the speed of your vehicle at night consistently. Due to drowsiness or exhaustion, your reaction time is slower at night. So, it is better not to put yourself in riskier road scenarios by over speeding.
  • Night lights are mandatory at night. If your vehicle has the power, switch your lights to auto. If you want additional light, use fog lights.
  • Always drive sober. Impaired driving increases the risk of road mishaps and can potentially ruin lives. Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs also reduces the reaction that puts the driver, passengers, and others at risk.
  • Minimize the glare from other vehicles by using the rear-view mirror anti-glare feature.
  • Always leave a minimum space between you and the car in front of you.
  • While driving at night, sometimes we get into the rhythm of blindly following the car in front of us. This is hazardous as it might lead to missing vital signs or information such as traffic signs, lights, and obstructions. So, it is crucial to remain alert and stay focused on the road.

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Next time you plan for night-time driving, follow these tips and go stress-free.

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