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Top Benefits of Buying a Used Car

Advantages of Buying a Used Car Instead of New

Buying a used car can also offer the same thrill and contentment as a new car if the choice is made rightly. It will also not overburden you financially. The fundamental purpose of having a vehicle is to have a default means of transportation by your side 24/7. If a used car can offer the same at a much lower rate, why not opt for a used car instead? Keep reading this blog by McLaren Chicago dealership in Chicago, IL, to learn more about the advantages of buying a used car instead of a new one.

Reasons for Buying a Used Car:

1. Saves You Money

The cost of used cars is almost 50% less than the new cars. Deciding to buy a used car will save you a lot of money and help you stick to your financial plan. Getting the same features and elements at a much lower rate is undoubtedly a profitable deal.

2. No Additional Fees

A new car usually comes with hidden fees such as shipping charges and destination charges. A used car does not have such exaggerated costs.

3. Lower Insurance Rates

The worth of a used car compared to a new car is considered low by the insurance companies. So, a used car has low insurance rates.

4. Lower Annual Registration Fees

The annual registration fee is maximum in the first three years of owning a car. Post that, it starts depleting. So, if you purchase a vehicle that is a minimum of three years old, you will have to pay lower annual registration fees.

5. Depreciation Perks

A new car loses a maximum percentage of its value in the first year. But, depreciation of an old car is relatively slow. Keeping this in mind, the wise option would be to buy a used car and resale it for almost the same price after two years. This will bring you more profit than opting for a whole new vehicle.

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