Two McLaren 720S Children's Ride-On cars parked on a racetrack

McLaren Created a McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” Car

With its beautiful styling, world-class performance, and technological sophistication, the McLaren 720S is an enticing choice for exotic supercar enthusiasts. And now the McLaren 720S — which was voted World Performance Car 2019 by the World Car of the Year Jury — is now available for kids to enjoy, for McLaren created a McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car.

Features of McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” Car

The McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car is powered by an electric motor operated by a working accelerator pedal with added engine sounds. The car operates with a key, but it can also be controlled by remote control to provide a degree of automotive autonomy, as well as parental control. Additional features include a brake function with brake light and a dashboard display screen that gives key information. The screen also houses the infotainment system, with buttons for different functions on the dashboard. Children can take time out to listen to music or watch a short movie by plugging a USB or SD card into the sockets provided. A selection of popular songs for six-year-olds is pre-loaded into the system.

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McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” Car Color Options

Kids have a wide array of vibrant color options for the McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car. This includes Papaya Spark, Azores Orange, Belize Blue, Lantana Purple, Onyx Black, Mauvine Blue, Silica White, and Saros Grey.

How much does the McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car cost?

The McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car costs £315 (approximately $406). One could purchase around 700 720S Children’s “Ride-On” cars for the price of a real 720S Coupe. The McLaren 720S Children’s “Ride-On” car is available at McLaren retailers, as well as select toy stores.

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