Detailing a McLaren

Does My New Car Really Need to Be Detailed?

Does my new car really need to be detailed? Does a new born baby need to be cleaned and checked!?

Let’s state the facts, your new McLaren goes on a long journey before it ever reaches you. Your vehicle could travel by boat, plane, train, or truck. It will also be handled by multiple checkpoint locations.

Don’t worry though, upon arrival our Detail Specialist will pamper your vehicle with a proper wash procedure to ensure every area of your new baby is inspected & not hiding any defects that need to be addressed accordingly. After everything checks out, we will offer you some paint protection options to keep your vehicle protected for years to come.

So yes, your new baby needs to be cleaned, checked, & protected, to ensure you are receiving the quality we uphold here at McLaren Chicago.


Dr. Detail

Have Detail questions, or need detail services? We can help.

*Cover my ass disclaimer: I’m not a real Doctor, even though I self proclaim to be Dr. Detail, however I do know a lot about detailing.  If you need open heart surgery visit a certified heart Doctor, if you need detailing visit me.