2022 McLaren GT on road

What are the design features of the 2022 McLaren GT?

Design features of the 2022 McLaren GT

The fastest accelerating 2022 McLaren GT is a lightweight vehicle that offers aerodynamic brilliance with its futuristic design. This grand tourer comes with a two-passenger capacity and provides a balanced power to weight ratio. If you own the 2022 McLaren GT, you’ll have a stunning vehicle to show off to your friends and a thrill of stepping inside a racecar every time you go for a ride.

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Interior and exterior design features of the 2022 McLaren GT

At the exterior of the 2022 McLaren GT, the LED headlamps glow perfectly in the dark. The lights in the front have rain and light sensors and sequential LED indicators. You’ll find a fixed rear wing above the LED taillights, exhaust tailpipes, and a large rear diffuser at the back. The dihedral doors on both sides are the highlights of this grand tourer. Inside the 2022 McLaren GT, you’ll find leather upholstery and aluminum controls.

Front view of the 2022 McLaren
McLaren GT exterior

The 2022 McLaren GT comes with a range of features that include a seven-inch touchscreen at the center, an infotainment system with good graphics, ambient lighting, satellite navigation, air conditioning, dual-zone climate control, and media streaming. There is an electrochromic panoramic roof that comes with five shade levels that are controlled by a button. There is a large luggage bay and an additional space in the front trunk if you need space.

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