2020 McLaren GT Interior Cabin Seat Bottoms

What kind of materials are used in the McLaren GT interior?

The McLaren GT is one of the most exciting vehicles on the road today. While a lot of that is due to its incredible powertrain and performance, those aren’t the only things that make the McLaren GT such an incredible vehicle. So much went into the design and engineering of the supercar that has helped to make it such a coveted vehicle, so much that even the materials in the interior are exciting.

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“Introducing innovative new interior materials for any McLaren is a huge challenge. With the GT we were creating beauty and luxury but with the additional layers of functionality and advanced technology that are inherent in every car we design – and all delivered in a very modern way. Everything in a McLaren is there for a reason, not simply to look good; the materials need to be authentic not only in appearance and to the touch, but also in meeting our requirements for minimizing weight and performance in use.”

– Jo Lewis, Colour and Materials Design Manager, McLaren Automotive Ltd.

What is SuperFabric®?

In truth, SuperFabric® was actually designed for applications in the military and aerospace fields originally. In the McLaren GT, it’s an available option to cover the floor of the trunk space. The innovative SuperFabric® feature takes regular woven fabric and integrates a host of small armored guard plates throughout a layer of the fabric. This makes the trunk floor much more resistant to common problems like stains or tears. Furthermore, the breathable floor covering is both easily cleans and quickly dried.

2020 McLaren GT Interior Luggage Bay with SuperFabric
McLaren SuperFabric Samples

What else is used in the cabin?

In addition to the incredible SuperFabric® that can be found in the luggage bay, several other great and lightweight materials are used throughout the cabin. Nappa leather comes standard in the GT, but you can upgrade it to a luxurious softgrain leather or Alcantara® if you want something even better than Nappa. Additionally, you can instead opt for the brand-new cashmere option, which is available in Dove Grey or Jet Black.

The McLaren GT is an absolutely incredible machine from bumper to bumper and roof to floor. If you have any questions about it don’t hesitate to call.