Forza Horizon 4 #DriveAtHome McLaren Speedtail

What is McLaren #DriveatHome?

Our lives have been a little different this year, as many of us have been affected by safer at home orders due to the pandemic facing the world. In an effort to reduce some of the stress and make time at home a little more enjoyable, McLaren kicked off #DriveatHome last month in conjunction with the Forza Racing Franchise. We thought we’d dive into this to give you the rundown on what it means.

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What does the initiative do?

The hashtag initiative is asking any and all gamers to share their images of McLaren vehicles being driven in Forza Horizon 4 on social media with the given hashtag. McLaren itself will then post highlights from the #DriveatHome campaign on its own social media accounts to share all of your great screenshots featuring in-game icons like the McLaren Senna or Speedtail.

McLaren wanted to create a way for driving enthusiasts and McLaren fans to continue to drive and experience their passion while adhering to the safer at home orders across the nation. So, they encouraged folks to drive digitally at home instead. Forza Horizon 4 was certainly a good choice for the initiative, as the video game features almost ever McLaren vehicle available.

In addition to the #DriveatHome hashtag initiative, McLaren will be doing a lot more digital work with the Forza Racing franchise to offer even more escapes from the challenges of today. This includes what they have referred to as a “series of episodic films, all shot in-game, with some of the most famous faces within the McLaren brand.”

We cannot wait to see this great video series or the incredible images you continue to share on social media. Remember to use #DriveatHome.