Front view of silver 2019 McLaren 570S

What driving modes does the 2019 McLaren 570S offer?

The 2019 McLaren 570S delights on many fronts for driving enthusiasts, with its beautiful styling, robust V8 engine, very quick acceleration, excellent handling, and many advanced performance features. The 2019 McLaren 570S also offers driving customization, with three modes for the Adaptive Suspension.

2019 McLaren 570S Adaptive Suspension Driving Modes

The driving modes (Normal, Sport, and Track) — which can be selected via the Adaptive Dynamics Panel — adjust the driving dynamics for the Adaptive Suspension of the 2019 McLaren 570S. The Normal Mode maximizes comfort by providing greater absorption of road imperfections. The Sport Mode minimizes body roll, which makes it a great choice for driving on curvy roads. The Track Mode optimizes the suspension for a race track level of performance with a greater feel for the road.

Auto and Manual Settings for the 2019 McLaren 570S 7-Speed Gearbox

The 2019 McLaren 570S provides additional customization with its 7-Speed Seamless-Shift Gearbox. For an easier and more convenient driving experience, the 7-Speed Gearbox has an Auto Mode. For greater control and a more engaging driving experience, the 7-Speed Gearbox offers manual shifting capabilities with its steering-wheel-mounted rocker-shift paddles.

Rear view of grey 2019 McLaren 570S driving on a curvy road

Performance Specs of the 2019 McLaren 570S

The performance specs of the 2019 McLaren 570S are very impressive. The sports car is powered by a twin-turbocharged 3.8-liter V8 engine, which doles out 562 horsepower and 443 lb-ft of torque. The 2019 McLaren 570S achieves the 0 – 100 kph (62 mph) sprint in 3.2 seconds and the 0 – 200 kph (124 mph) sprint in 9.5 seconds. The maximum speed of the 2019 McLaren 570S is 328 kph (204 mph).

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The 2019 McLaren 570S offers many other performance features. This includes Dynamic Electronic Stability Control, an open differential, Traction Control, Hill Hold Assist, McLaren Brake Steer, and a Track Data Display.