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What does it mean for an engine to be twin-turbocharged?

While perusing different vehicles and their specs and features, chances are you’ve come across the words “twin-turbocharged.” If you, like a lot of other people, don’t really know what that means, don’t worry about it! We’ll walk you through what it means for an engine to be twin-turbocharged below.

McLaren Forza Horizon

Before we can dive into what distinguishes a twin-turbocharged engine from the rest, let’s cover what a turbocharger is. Turbochargers are turbine-driven devices that use a vehicle’s exhaust to spin a turbine and compress incoming air. Because the turbocharger forces more air and fuel into the combustion chamber quicker than gravity would, the engine fires faster and more powerfully. Because of this, vehicles with turbocharged engines often produce high horsepower and their drivers enjoy quick acceleration and plenty of speed. Now, let’s dive into the twin-turbocharged engine below!

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What is a twin-turbocharged engine?

You may have guessed that twin-turbocharged engines feature two turbochargers. If you did, you were right, because that’s exactly what twin-turbocharged engines are. Engines with two turbochargers increase air and fuel intake nearly twice as much as the same engine would without a turbocharger. Because of this, twin-turbocharged engines boast incredible performance that you’ll enjoy whether behind the wheel, sitting in the passenger seat or watching from the sidelines.

Basically, if you have a vehicle with a twin-turbocharged engine, you probably won’t want to take your grandmother grocery shopping in it. Twin-turbocharged engines produce a lot of power and offer incredible performance. If you are interested in getting a twin-turbocharged vehicle that provides a thrilling ride each time you sit behind the wheel, check out our inventory at McLaren Chicago.