Image showing the 2021 McLaren 650S Cam Spider parked in the middle of the road

The 2021 McLaren 650S Spider—Design Features

What are the Design Features of the 2021 McLaren 650S Spider?

The 2021 McLaren 650S has been the center of several debates and discussions for quite some time now. This spectacular car has been designed to deliver terrific performance on the road and blends luxury and comfort in epic proportions. Besides the commendable performance specs and technology features, the 650S also has a great design, enough to pique the interest of automobile enthusiasts. That said, read this entry to find out more about the design features of the 2021 McLaren 650S Spider. Also, browse through our inventory of the new McLaren cars in Chicago, IL, to find the model of your choice.

Distinctive Exterior Styling

The 2021 McLaren 650S Spider has a distinctive style on its exterior that makes it one of the perfect fits for families of every size. In fact, this styling is also what contributes significantly to an incredible performance on the road and adds to the optics. There is an increased level of downforce and enhanced handling in the new 650S Spider. The exterior of the McLaren 650S Spider also features the latest LED lighting technology, about which we’ll discuss more in the next section.

Steering wheel of the new McLaren 650S Cam Spider
Front wheel of the new McLaren 650S Cam Spider

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Latest LED Technology Offers an Illuminating Design

The new McLaren Spider 650S features the latest LED technology that makes it more illuminating and delightful. The LED lighting technology is not just more efficient but also eco-friendly. The lights need far less energy and therefore, help in saving fuel and carbon dioxide.

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Retractable Hard Top on the New McLaren 650S Spider

The dramatic new McLaren comes with a retractable hard top. Thus, you are free to indulge in the sunny skies and feel the wind through your hair while speeding through to your destination. And when it rains, you can always put a roof over your head in no time instead of pulling over to find proper shade.

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