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Why Do I Need to Change My Engine Air Filters?

What are the Advantages of Engine Air Filter Replacement? 

Air filter inspection and replacement are often ignored and considered not to be important, but they are essential in maintaining your car’s performance. Replacing your car’s air filter has many benefits, including prolonging the engine lifespan. It gives you clean air by blocking our small dust particles from the engine compartment. Let’s learn about such interesting advantages of engine air filters in this blog by McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL. 

Engine air filter

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Benefits of Engine Air Filter Replacement 

Replacing a clogged air filter can play a crucial part in improving fuel efficiency and acceleration based on the make and model of your vehicle. A dirty or damaged air filter limits the quantity of air flowing into your vehicle’s engine, making it work harder and using more fuel. So, it makes sense to replace your air filters and increase fuel efficiency regularly. 

Another benefit of air filter replacement is that it reduces emissions. A dirty or clogged filter limits the airflow to the engine, which in turn changes the car’s air balance. This imbalance can pollute spark plugs, making the engine miss the idle, increasing engine depositions, and finally turning the Service Engine light on. Additionally, this directly impacts your car’s exhaust emissions, contributing to the pollution of your surroundings. 

The primary function of an air filter is to capture dirt and debris from the outside air, and a damaged air filter cannot function properly. A small particle can also get through a damaged air filter and do a lot of internal damage to the engine parts, which can be very expensive to repair; thus, regular air filter change is essential. 

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Change Air Filter in McLaren Chicago 

Does your car need an air filter change? Visit McLaren Chicago in Chicago, IL, and get it done today! What is the wait for? Contact our team today and schedule a test drive. 

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