2021 McLaren GT parked

How to Keep Your McLaren’s Interior as Immaculate as Its Performance? 

Tips to Keep Your McLaren Vehicle Pristine 

When you own a McLaren, it’s not just about the incredible speed and performance; it’s also about indulging in pure luxury from the moment you hop inside. Maintaining the beauty of your McLaren’s interior takes more than just a love for the open road; it takes a dedication to keeping things clean and pristine. In this blog by McLaren Chicago, we are sharing some essential tips to ensure your McLaren’s interior remains a shining example of luxury. 

Tips for a Smooth and Nausea-Free Ride    

Vacuum Regularly:  

Dust and debris tend to find their way into your McLaren. A gentle vacuum with a soft-bristle attachment can do wonders for keeping seats, carpets, nooks, and crannies spotless. A clean interior sets the stage for a perfect driving experience.  

Caring for Luxurious Leather:  

McLaren interiors often boast gorgeous leather. Use a good quality leather cleaner and conditioner to keep it looking fresh and supple. Make it a habit to clean the leather surfaces often to prevent dirt and oils from settling in.  

Microfiber Marvel:  

For wiping down surfaces, nothing beats a microfiber towel. They’re gentle on your McLaren’s interior and won’t leave any unsightly scratches, ensuring your car’s elegance remains untarnished.   

Sunshade Savior:  

Shield your McLaren’s interior from harsh sunlight with a sunshade. This simple step will prevent your upholstery from fading and help keep the cabin cool.  

Protective Coatings:  

Consider using protective coatings on interior surfaces. These coatings act as a shield, preventing stains and dirt from clinging to your McLaren’s interior.  

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Footwear Matters:  

Pay attention to what you’re wearing on your feet when you step into your McLaren. Sharp heels or dirty shoes can quickly leave their mark on the floor mats and pedals.  

Routine Checks:  

Regularly inspect your McLaren’s interior for any potential issues. Address any spills or stains promptly to prevent long-term damage.  

2021 McLaren 720S cockpit view
Front console of the 2022 McLaren GT

A spotless McLaren interior elevates your driving experience and preserves the value of your prized possession. Take pride in your vehicle and relish the opulent interior that comes with the McLaren experience. Also, you can check our new vehicle inventory and take a test ride.