McLaren Recruits Unconventional Applicants for the New MCTC Facility in Yorkshire

McLaren produces vehicles that are very unique, so it’s unsurprising that the British supercar maker is recruiting unconventional applicants for the McLaren Composites Technology Center (MCTC) in Yorkshire, England. McLaren is seeking applicants from a wide variety of fields to fill positions at MCTC, ranging from boatbuilding to the textile trade and sporting goods industries.

Carbon Fiber Material at the McLaren Composites Technology Centre

The McLaren Composites Technology Center will reach full production next year and McLaren aims to double the workforce to over 200 by that time. The unique skillsets are needed because materials like carbon fiber start life as a fabric that has to be cut and put into molds before being treated through a variety of processes before becoming a hard material. McLaren has been a pioneer with ultra-lightweight, ultra-strong carbon fiber material for decades and builds every car with a carbon fiber chassis, or “tub” at its core. Lighter, composite materials, together with future powertrain technology, will save vehicle weight, boost performance, and provide more energy-efficient supercars.

“As we’re working with advanced, lightweight materials in new ways that have never been used before on this scale for car production, McLaren is looking for a range of skills you wouldn’t normally associate with the automotive industry.” – Mike Flewitt, Chief Executive, McLaren Automotive

McLaren Composites Technology Center in Yorkshire, England

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Positive Economic Impact for the Yorkshire Economy

The economic impact to the Yorkshire economy by the new McLaren Composites Technology Center is estimated to be £100 million (approximately $129 million) by 2028. The facility will also help support skills development in the region, as the new recruits will gain valuable experience working on some of the most advanced cars in the world.

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