Front view of blue Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

McLaren Built a One-Off Bespoke “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT for a Lucky Customer

Design Features of Bespoke “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT

McLaren is a brand that offers a high level of exclusivity for exotic sports car shoppers — and recently, the British automaker took this exclusivity to a new level when it built a one-off bespoke “Comet Fade” McLaren 600LT for a lucky customer in Canada.

Coriolis Blend Paint Application for the Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

The “Comet Fade” name was given to the custom 600LT because it features a unique color scheme, in which a bright blue hue at the front half of the car fades into a black hue towards the car’s rear section, like an icy blue comet. McLaren Special Operations (MSO) took 120 hours to complete the multi-step application process for the paint. It refers to it as the Coriolis Blend, which combines MSO Bespoke Cerulean Blue, MSO Defined Burton Blue, and MSO Bespoke Atlantic Blue.

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Additional Custom Features for the Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

In addition to the unique color scheme, the Comet Fade McLaren 600LT has many other distinctive design elements. This includes three different Carbon Fiber Upgrade packs, with carbon fiber for the door mirror casings, front splitter, rear wing, rear spoiler, rear diffuser, rear bumper, side skirts, extended side intakes, and service cover hatch. The Comet Fade McLaren 600LT also has Lightweight Forged Wheels with a Gloss Black finish, Polished Carbon Ceramic Brake Calipers, Super-Lightweight Carbon Fiber Racing Seats, a Gloss Finish Visual Carbon Fiber Roof, and Gloss Visual Carbon Fiber Front Fender Louvres. Additionally, the Coriolis Blend paint combination is utilized throughout the cockpit.

Side view of blue Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

Grey and blue dashboard and seats in Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

Performance Specs of the Comet Fade McLaren 600LT

The Comet Fade McLaren 600LT is powered by a robust 3.8-liter engine. With its twin turbochargers, it generates an output of 592 horsepower and 457 lb-ft of torque. The supercar can go from 0 – 100 kph (62 mph) in 2.9 seconds, with a top speed of 204 mph.

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