2022 McLaren Artura Red parked outside a house

Video: See How McLaren Formula One Driver Daniel Ricciardo Drifts the New McLaren Artura 

What Happened When Daniel Ricciardo Meets the New McLaren Artura? 

Daniel Ricciardo is a Formula One driver for the Red Bull Racing team. He drove the new 2022 McLaren Artura and had only one sentence to describe it- “wow. It was the most impressive thing I’ve driven in a long time.” Artura was powerful and responsive, which was exactly what he was looking for in a driving machine. Its four-wheel steering and ultra-low center of gravity made it both stable and responsive. It had everything he would want in a racing car: incredible grip, power, and braking capabilities. The technological advances that have been made to the car include the use of 3D printing for some components, such as brake calipers and brake discs, along with carbon fiber reinforced plastic and titanium to reduce weight. Continue reading this McLaren Chicago blog post to see how McLaren Formula One driver Daniel Ricciardo drifts the new McLaren Artura! 

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Watch Video: Driver Daniel Ricciardo Drifts the New McLaren Artura 

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